Baby Steps- Beginning Your Health & Fitness Journey!

Hello to all New People who are getting started on their health kick for the beginning of 2018 or for the fitness folks that need a reset button! I wanted to reblog a blog I wrote back in September 2017 about starting your Fitness Journey! I know a lot of people like to start on Jan 1st! so just a few tips as you get started! I call this BABY STEPS! Enjoy!

fitness-walking-the-right-way.jpgI know. When you hear this phrase you may think of a small child trying to take his/her first steps. You will also know that this metaphoric phrase references to a lot of things in life!

So let’s vibe about health!

I like that saying you are not going to lose weight just by eating one salad just like you are not going to gain a hundred pounds by eating one hamburger. Losing weight and getting into shape can be tough if you allow your excuses to be bigger than your efforts. It’s important that you take Baby Stepswhen starting a new healthy lifestyle! If you are getting started, know that you don’t have to push yourself to the limit. A lot of people will start off exercising thinking they can run a 10k or think they can go to a gym and squat 400lbs. This can happen. However…

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