Happy 2018!

Wishing all the Bloggers and Readers a Happy New Year and Happy 2018! 



Okay. I hate to start off my very first blog of 2018 this way but if anybody knows me, I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I am always up front with how I feel and sometimes you have to think out loud. So let me bring this up and then we will move it along!  I have a problem with society taking something positive and making it negative. There are too many followers that think posting these pictures year after year is funny and honestly, I think they are CORNY A.F.  

download (2).jpg


If someone feels like they need to hit the RESET button because they had a rough year and they feel like they were not themselves or out of character in that particular year, let them claim the New Year, New Me quote. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I DO prefer the saying New Year, Better Me because you will always be who you are but if you plan on being a better person this year then by all means I applaud that! Nothing wrong with starting over and becoming a better you. That’s all part of self love. 




download.jpgTo my fitness people. This is old. If new people want to set the date that January 1st is the DAY to get their health kick started then by all means SUPPORT THAT. I think it’s amazing to see the gym full of new people wanting to get healthy and physically in shape. Instead of making jokes about it ( EVERY YEAR WITH THE SAME MEME) why not encourage them and be the positive role model that you CLAIM to be on your fitness media outlet. Don’t be the negativity that nobody needs in order to stay consistent. 



download (1).jpg

Lastly, stop talking about the people that have New Years Resolutions. Resolutions to me are Goals. And since when did it become a problem to be Ambitious? 


So you probably don’t think I have a sense of humor. I do. It’s actually VERY dry. I laugh at the most ridiculous things and I happen to think corny movies like Napolean Dynamite or viral post/videos about Trump’s idiocy are absolutely hilarious. Currently social media is going IN on Steve Harvey’s New Years Eve outfit lol and still trending is Tyrese’s crying video and I find those to be beyond funny! But YEAR AFTER YEAR you have those trolls that have these SAME pictures just READY to post for the New Year about New Year, New Me, The Gym, and Resolutions. Delete it. It may have been funny the first time but let it go. Sorry I have never been impressed or laughed at these trendy post. It’s OLD and it is time to LET. IT. GO folks. 


Now that is out, I hope you all have an AMAZING 2018! I am vibing with NOTHING but good energy around me and I’m proud of you for starting off the year with some optimism! Remember when I talked about Peace of Mind in my Vibe the Soul Series? That’s right, drown out the noise of the negativity and push forward towards your goals! I wish you all nothing but success in your health journey and happiness in your life!  

Let’s get it! 








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