Cold/Flu Season- Ways To Stay Healthy!



It is flu season! yuck right?  The most contagious virus/bacteria in America is the Flu. It’s important that you know the difference between a cold and the flu for in some instances it can be a matter of life and death!  The difference between a common cold and the flu is generally having a high fever. Since I am truly not an expert in this virus,  I decided to look into some information from the Healthline Web which has provided a thorough list of the differences between the cold and the flu. Know your symptoms! 

Differences between Cold Vs Flu: download.jpg

Cold Symptoms:

  • runny nose 
  • sore throat
  • sneezing & Coughing 
  • headache or body aches

Flu symptoms can include:

  • dry cough
  • moderate to high fever, although not everyone with the flu will run a fever
  • sore throat
  • chills
  • severe muscle or body aches
  • headache
  • stuffy and runny nose
  • severe fatigue that may last up to two weeks
  • nausea and vomiting

I work for a college so once the students return back to school,  virus will increase and the germs and bacteria will gradually spread. 

download.jpgIt’s hard to stay away from the germs in the work place, school, or anywhere for that matter unless you are isolated in your home.  I normally do not ever get a cold but this fall/winter I have already had a cold twice so I know this season has gotten and will get worse. Make sure you are not as stubborn as I am and STAY HOME!  Your body needs you to listen. It’s telling you to take care of it and rest is one of the common cures that adults do not take advantage of. A lot of people will get the Influenza Flu Vaccine and I have mixed feelings about it.

to-flu-shot-or-not-that-is-the-question-700x694.jpgI am not here to convince you to get  the flu shot or not to get it, that is your own personal choice. I hear mixed reviews about it so I definitely do not want to provide you with falsified information. I don’t know the benefits and I don’t know the side effects, I am just a person that is truly against shots and pills or anything injected into my body that seems unnecessary unless it is a vitamin/medication that is HIGHLY recommended by my doctor. And even I do my own research after the recommendation and decide whether or not it is life or death for me to consume. And 75% of the time, I don’t. I don’t know why I think it’s crazy to hear people go to the doctor for a cold to get antibiotics for a cure but like I said it’s your body and your personal choice. I am not one to judge. I despise medication and prefer Natural remedies . I know it’s suppose to aid in your health and help you get better and if I absolutely HAVE to I will take cold medicine but I have learned, and to stop sounding so contradicting, that not all medicine is good medicine. Every person’s body is different and functions and reacts differently to medication and I have found that NOT getting the flu shot season after season,  works for me. Now maybe down the line that may change should the seasons get worse year after year ,but for now, I will have to pass and take my chances. 

With that being said, don’t think because you are the healthiest person alive that you are exempt from getting a cold and/or the flu. However, there are some preventatives to help in boosting your immune system and being a victim of this contagious virus! Especially if you are not to fond of getting the Influenza vaccine. 

Preventative Ways to Fight Against the Flu & Common Colds:

  • Stay Hydrated- Water is your friend here. Drink lots of it to keep your body hydrated and flush out toxins in your body. 
  • Vitamin C & D- Whether that is a daily vitamin or perhaps eating fruits/ veges or  juicing with natural juices this is a great way to boost the immune system. 
  • Eat Healthy – Comfort Food like  good bowl of Hot Chicken Soup. 
  • Wash Your Hands/Sanitize. – At Work, At School, At the Gym, EVERYWHERE. Keep your hands washed and your area sanitized. Prevents bacteria to spread rapidly and keeps yourself away from germs. download.jpg
  •  Exercise- When I feel a cold coming along, I like a good sweat session to sweat out the cold & toxins.
  • Tea- Lemon/Honey, Ginger & Green Tea is an immune booster as well. Loaded with antioxidants and keeps the body warm. 
  • Sauna/Steam/Hot Bath- Relieves the aches and muscle pain. Be careful especially if you are running a fever, your body is already warm and you don’t want your body to increase it’s temperature when running a high fever. 
  • Rest- Your body will tell you when it needs to SLOW DOWN. So get as much sleep as needed. 
  • If you are sick, and like I said before, this is a hard one for me as well,  but you must try and STAY HOME. Even if you are not contagious, you are still spreading germs. Plus you are not allowing your body recover. 

Like I mentioned before I LOVE Natural Home Remedies! It’s a safer route to me in knowing what you are putting in your body and for those who like Old School remedies like a Hot Toddy or Steam with Vapor Rub, check out OnHealth Site referenced below.              

download.jpgHope everyone gets through this season flu and cold free!

Stay healthy folks! 


Difference of a Cold Vs Flu:
What is the Flu Vaccine Shot?:
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