6 Week-Fitness Challenge & My Eating Confession!


Well the holidays are completely over. For me anyways! ( I need one more picture added after New Years Day that shows the Birthday Weight Gain because my birthday was Jan 6th)  and I must say I like to indulge and enjoy myself during the holidays/birthday. I normally like to live by the 80/20 rule of 80% eating healthy and 20% of eating whatever I want to. You can agree or disagree but this eating style works for me.  However I think the holiday/birthday eating rule became the other way around! lol 

I have been telling myself since the end of summer of 2017 that I need to lose 15lbs. I stopped doing so much cardio and started lifting more. My eating habits have not been the worst but have not been the best either so I feel like the muscle that I gained during weight lifting is hiding behind some unwanted FAT! Well.  ( Praying that some of that gain is muscle!)  Every time I tell someone I need to lose 15lbs they look at me as if I am crazy. You may not be able to see the difference physically but man do I feel it! And it’s all fun and games until them pants are tight or don’t fit at all! 

So with that being said and in telling you my embarrassing confession ……


I am challenging myself to 6 weeks of re-dedicating my health to a new meal plan and workout regimen. In 6 weeks my goal is to lose at least 15lbs. And I know I can do it! This is what I love about the Fitness Journey. It’s because it’s a JOURNEY and never a DESTINATION. I will be working my butt off to be back into physical shape! I always preach about how Health, Wellness, Mental Health matters the most and not so much of the physical aspect. And this is 100% TRUE. Your number one focus should always be your internal health and mental awareness. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, mental illnesses,  generally any kind of health issues,  it is important that you consult with your doctor and set this as priority to focus on these health concerns. 

I am  placing myself on a personal goal to be in the best physical shape as I can be. It’s important to me to also feel good in the skin I am in! 085e7bc508c160fdf62b09b473df4b6c.jpg


I will be sure to share with you my journey! 




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