So Jan 16th was pretty much the END of being able to truly relax for me from a much needed break. Spring semester started and work and school have tied me up to the max. Not to mention I have started back working out 6 days a week. The hustle is real. The grind never stops. And there never seems enough time in the day. So I apologize for not being able to provide you with something worth reading  over the last several days, however one of my goals for my blog site is to be sure I post at least once a week and to always provide readers with something that benefits them( you) in a positive way.

So this past Friday, I came home from work and my intentions were to do an early spring cleaning to my closet. ( out with the old in with the new). Instead I got tied up with homework until 11PM. Saturday morning I did a back to back cardio class and as I was driving home, I nearly PASSED OUT. Seriously.  I almost passed out while driving. Not only was a I dead tired from hardly getting any sleep but why did I think it was a great idea to burn nearly 1,000 calories on an empty stomach? DO NOT ASK. On top of that I came home, ate ( FINALLY), cleaned my house, did laundry, and then took off to the grocery store, and then I came back home and by this time it’s already the end of the day. So I decided I would go ahead and finish my reading for one of my assignments ( due Monday) and my sister calls and says. Let’s go out. Eat. Have a drink. I did NOT want to go because in the back of my mind at some point I wanted to get started on cleaning my closet and also start on a blog for the week. It was like an endless list that  I created and felt like I needed to complete all in one day. 94c0ca15481ab7fa5a8e53cec7acbdd2--calming-quotes-stress-slow-down-quotes.jpg

But I went. Out that is. And I am glad I did.

That leads me to this.

I was doing TOO MUCH. I don’t know about you all but I do NOT like being extra busy or the feeling of being overwhelmed. It’s overrated. Some people enjoy having this long list to do in a day but I don’t and I felt the anxiety of the to-do list that I created!

Take my advice. Take a LOAD OFF. I get it. We have errands to run and things to accomplish. But I promise it was like my sister saved me on Saturday. lol. I went out. Had a few drinks. Ate. Danced to the live band. Laughed. And when I came home I went to sleep. And that was the first time in 4 days  that I actually got some rest.

Work /Life Balance.


So note to self and you. SLOW DOWN. Pace yourself. REST if need be. No need to be overwhelmed when the weekends are for you to take a day off or 2 for you. Take it easy. There is only so much you can do in a day. Manage your time and prioritize time, your work, your life.  And if time runs out, do it tomorrow. Most importantly go do and enjoy something that is going to take the stress away for the day! #BALANCE!

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