6 Weeks- Fitness Journey (My 2 week update!)

Happy Saturday Readers!

As you all know I started my 6 week journey to losing 15lbs. I am 2 weeks in and I am down 3lbs! Notice I didn’t say ” I ONLY lost 3lbs?) Well because a loss is a loss! Do I wish it was more weight loss like at least 4-5lbs in 2 weeks? yes. But I am happy that I am 12lbs away from goal. The last 2 weeks I complained about stress and being busy. And after re-evaluating my time and prioritizing my work/life/ and fitness balance I learned that at the end of the day the work isn’t going anywhere and neither is the goal. I truly needed to boss up, toughen up, focus and grind harder.



I decided to not start my journey off with a cleanse because I wanted to transition into eating healthier. One feeling that I love is not feeling bloated from the sweets, fried foods, sodium, and overall crap that I indulged in over the holidays.


My snacks are cleaner based on fruit, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, and of course my love for peanut butter is endless. Meal prepping for the week really helps me with being more disciplined in the kitchen. A lot of chicken and vegetable, soups, and a lot of different kind of salads.


I have cut bread and replaced it with wraps and condiments like ranch have been replaced with greek yogurt dressings. We all know abs are made in the kitchen! Clothes are starting to feel much better and that is what is most important. I started back on the Shakeology protein shakes which have been a big help with obtaining the necessary protein needed. I may not see much of a weight loss, but I know inches are being lost and muscles are being gained!

What will I do different with my meals over the next 2 weeks?

I still want to do a cleanse because I feel there is a plateau that I need to break. And even though I am feeling better I still think I have some holiday excess fat & toxins to rid from my body. So I will be preparing for that on the 4th week of my journey. I won’t be changing much else but I will watch my portions and start detox water this week.


I went back to working out 6 days a week with one off day. Honestly, I know this is a chunk of the reason of why I have been so tired! Not to mention, some of those days are DOUBLE workouts. Am I overdoing it? Absolutely not. My workouts are different with a mixture of cycle, body pump (weightlifting), cardio kickboxing, and boot camp. And some days I will get on the stair master for a lengthy time. I started back on my Energize Pre work out which helps me with my intensity and stamina when I work out. Boy does this stuff make me SWEAT!

What will I do different over the next 2 weeks?

Add some Piyo. This is a mixture of yoga and pilates. I like body strength workouts that help me stretch and strength train. That will be my only change.

Glad to be able to update you all on my 2 week journey! I will be update you all again in 2 more weeks!

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