3 Day Cleanse + 4 week update! I Had to RESET!


I have completed my 3 day cleanse along with (my almost 4 weeks of the 6 week challenge) and figured I would give you all a quick update. First let me just say that I had to RESET! I like to be open and honest with my readers so I will say that my set back was my fault. I indulged again Super Bowl Weekend and now I am paying for it but I am back on track hoping to rid these last few pounds!

I am proud to say that I am down 6lbs!

( don’t mind my unpainted toes lol)



So what does this cleanse consist of?


12670051_1548501752132211_6416832148226118351_n.jpgI normally do the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse ( picture shown is old but I follow the same routine– and I do not do the Dessert of the 3rd Shakeology indicated on the cleanse). I don’t starve myself and I am getting the necessary protein & minerals I need to still complete my workouts. Of course the workouts are not too intense because my daily calorie intake is low, but I still like to complete at least a 30 minute work out during these 3 days. In this case I did Turbo Kick ( modified) on Monday, I took a rest day Tuesday, and Wednesday I pulled a double of Strong By Zumba and Body Pump. So not too intense but enough to keep me active!

I normally wait until the Sunday of every 2 weeks to update you all on my 6 week challenge but wanted to share the results of the cleanse and 4 week up date. I told myself that if I do not reach 15lbs in this 6 week challenge that I WILL be down by 10lbs at least! And that is more than half way to my goal.


Losing these pounds have NOT been easy this go around but I will continue to PUSH THROUGH! 145lbs is my goal weight and I want to get back there! Only 10lbs to go!

I will let you know the final outcome in my last and final 2 weeks!




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