Your Eyes Don’t Lie


When was the last time you had your eyes checked?

Got new glasses?

Do you over use your contacts? As in, do you wear them monthly instead of bi-weekly? 


Let’s Vibe about your Eye Health

Two week ago I experienced the worst side effects of eye pain. Now I am one of those people that when something is wrong internally, I take it SERIOUSLY. I was dizzy, headaches to migraine ( which I have never experienced in my life) needless to say, that is the worst pain ever. On top of that I couldn’t concentrate, vertigo was OFF, and when I would drive, I felt nauseous, and I felt like at any given moment I was going to faint. I had neck pain and the computer screen caused blurred vision and eye strain and I just felt discomfort all around. 


Something was wrong. I went to the doctor because since it is flu season I thought it was the muscle aches and pains of maybe me trying to get the flu. Or maybe I was on the verge of a stroke or the worst thing ever when you google search ANYTHING on symptoms…..a Tumor? 

Doctor told me I was fine but she proceeded to ask, when was the last time you had a new eye exam considering I stated I had a lot of eye muscle strain. Not to mention I spend nearly 10-11 hours on a computer screen a day so it’s possible that my eyes are only progressing to get worse over the year. I always get an eye exam once a year. March 2018 would make it one year for me. However, I had to get to the Optometrist ASAP to see if this was the cause of my symptoms. My family has a little history of glaucoma so I knew I needed to check them out. eyecare.jpg

And low and behold.

I am a firm believer that your body will tell you what’s wrong. Don’t ignore the signs. I know I didn’t! I was just shocked and more so happy that at the end of the day, I just needed a new eye exam, new glasses, and new prescription! 

So get your annual eye exams folks!  Our eyes are a gift that are way too important and precious to not take care of. Never neglect your warning signs that effect your health. Some people would probably say, Ess, obviously if you had eye muscle strain that it was your eyes and believe me that went through my head several times but for some reason that was my last resort ( So be nice!) lol 


Source & References:

Great website on what to expect in a routine eye exam, nutrition for eyes, and other information on eye care!

And shout out to UNT Optical Care. Always highly recommended if you are in the North Texas area. I recommend Americas Best on great prices on contact and eye glasses!










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