Free Yourself



Have you ever experienced a time  in your life when you were Free?

I mean really Free. Not a care of what anyone thought. Actions embodied an independent and openly expression. Spiritually and emotionally connected to oneself. 

Lets Vibe about Being Free. 


Being in control of your freedom or setting yourself free is nobody’s responsibility but yours ( ours). Whatever troubles your soul has became a routine of emotional habits that you have drawn accustomed to, in which reveals your mental state to constantly feel like you are in  shackles. 

You, me, WE have to LET GO. 

Easy said then done. Or is it? 



Fear is a confrontation between you and where you want to be or what you rather be doing that repetitively defers your curiosity to come alive and live. 


Judgement is the noise that pollutes the mind into thinking that perception and validation is essential to life experiences. 


Perfection is a lie you keep telling yourself and to others as if flaws are not prestigious characteristics of your true well being. 


Who are you?

And why are you still holding your breath?


There was a time in my life when I felt what it was like to be truly free. True story by the way.  Who knew that the numbness feeling to the outside noise could be exhilarating. That phobia of life was not a result of being naive but an overwhelming feeling of faith. I have never been so happy to just BE.  Talk about truly fulfilled with LIFE. I crave that feeling again! I walked my straight lines long enough. And I’m sure you have to. So let’s shift. We have to stop acting like we are going to live this life twice. 

Whatever you think you should be doing…..

Whatever you think you should be……

Wherever you feel like you should be living…..

Whoever you feel like you should love….

WHATEVER or WHOEVER it is that has suppressed you, permitted you, scared you, enabled you, controlled you, talked about you, changed you, or just simply hindered you to just BE…

Let go. Exhale. And Free yourself. 

What do we have to lose?







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