Happy Easter

Hello and Happy Easter


I really want to make this short and sweet.

My relationship with Jesus Christ is different from everyone else. And I’m happy about that. In a small local Baptist Church in Denver CO, I spent my childhood celebrating Easter with pretty dresses, Easter egg hunts/baskets, singing in the choir, and performing stage plays. And I LOVED it! As I grew older, I started attending a church on my own and loved the teachings I received. Now, every now and then, I will tune into a good message when I need to hear a good word.



Over the years, I have grown into a different relationship with God to the point that I cannot relate to a lot of people in terms of Religion. And that’s okay with me. No, I no longer attend church every single Sunday. No, I don’t read and cannot recite the Bible. But I do believe in God, THE higher power. I was raised to know him. I’ve witnessed the power of prayer. I’ve seen him do things for me and others that I knew could not be done on my or there own. I’ve even felt his presence in a time of fear. He Got Me! When I say my relationship is different, it just simply means that I no longer do the practices that everyone else does anymore. But, God and I still walk together, we talk/pray together, we SING together, and he gets my attention when I am off balanced. I am covered. I get my fulfillment from a spiritual standpoint in my own way. I have been questioned, judged, and looked down on over the years for not practicing what others practice, but again, that’s okay! I like that saying, that only God can judge me. In the meantime,

Today is the day for peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and celebrating that Jesus Got You to! How you go about establishing your relationship with him, is between you and him. You cannot have a Healthy Soul without seeking God ( or your higher spiritual power). Having a spiritual, healthy, and connected relationship with him, is an important piece to your life.

Acknowledge him. Believe in him. And have Faith in him.

Enjoy your day!


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