Confident Smile

smile.pngI have been going back and forth with wanting to get braces for about 2 years now because even though I have inherited my family gap, I now HATE it. It’s hard for me to smile these days with confidence. I know eventually I am going to get my teeth straightened but, I am battling with braces or Invisalign.INVISALIGN-vs-BRACES.png



I have family who have had braces and tells me to just go ahead and be a brace face for one year, but the Invisalign seems more my style and the results are the same as braces for as long as you stay on top of any maintenance. There are so many people that can relate to this topic, which is why I have chosen to vibe about it.

Let’s talk about how dental hygiene is one of the top health matters that so many people neglect………until they get a toothache that is. It’s important to have healthy teeth and a clean mouth. I am partially a germophobe, which is why the first thing I notice about a person is their mouth. Don’t call me weird, but I am big on teeth and there is nothing like having a great smile,  great teeth, and overall clean mouth!

I know. It’s so easy to neglect the cavities and the off and on pain of wisdom teeth but neglecting major dental work can turn into some future underlying issues like gingivitis or tooth decay. And if you don’t take warning signs like bleeding gums, you could be heading toward major health issues like Heart Disease. Strange how those connect right?  Your body is one accord, and if you neglect the warning signs for too long, then you prolong the damage.


Now I am no Dentist or specialize in Dental care but I do know that simply brushing your teeth and eating healthy foods will help some of those issues. Sensitive teeth? Well, find the toothpaste that works best for you. And if you add flossing and fluoride then to me, you are advanced!  ( I don’t floss.  So much credit to those who add this to their daily routine.

So don’t be scared to pay a visit to that Dentist/Orthodontist and use those 2 free cleanings a year that your Health benefits offer.

And if you are like me, and battling to get braces, good luck to you. It’s a tough decision financially and personally, especially if you care about your smile.





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