Judgement Side Effects



I normally do not watch this show, however, my sister does, and I happen to be at her house as she asked that I watch the first 15 minutes of this show called The Real. The Real is a talk show aired with a panel of 4 ladies speaking about Real issues that women face. It’s anything from womanly advice to fashionista help. It’s a great show. I do believe women need some uplifting advice more often than we think we do. But I must say, Loni Love, which is one of the talk show hosts, broke down on an issue that women do not seem to mentally understand.

Take a look:

I talk about this all the time because I don’t think women these days and upcoming girls who are growing into women do not realize how important it is to be themselves un-apologetically. The internal damage that judgment, hate, social media, fashion industry, tv, does to us mentally, can truly destroy who you are and how you present yourself to others. Grown women need to stop judging other grown women because you don’t know that person’s history or background. Lastly, Women need to stop comparing and competing with the world.

I hate to scroll on Social Media and see people post pictures like this with a caption of  WHO WORE IT BETTER?


#1 – All 3 ladies are beautiful!

#2 – All 3 ladies are wearing this dress Gorgeously and Flawlessly!

#3 – Why are you polling the society to make this kind of judgment? Who cares?!

So I totally agree with Loni Love and Tia Mowry on this show. And I blogged about a very similar topic about Body Image. Please read:  https://thehealthysoulvibe.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/the-body-you-should-learn-to-love/  

This blog was probably one of my favorite blogs I have ever written about self-love because we women are very hard on not only ourselves but to others.


I’ll say once and I’ll say/blog about it a million times because it is one of my favorite topics to discuss, but Self Love starts with you. And only you. Don’t look for it through other people, Don’t judge others to make yourself feel good, and stop putting yourself down as if you don’t deserve the best that the world has to offer.  You don’t need validation from anybody. Woman to woman, it starts with you.


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