Speak Life Into You

As we have entered into a new month I have decided to truly get my act together!


And by together, I mean I have been speaking LIFE into other people for so long that it’s been a while since I have spoken LIFE into myself. Over the past several weeks I have communicated with many different people in many different types of environments that have fallen into the negative mentality and fear of life events.

We have so much going on in the world that when something great happens we don’t celebrate it. And we feel as though it will offset with something to our disadvantage. Let’s quit dwelling on what could go wrong and think about what could go right. We cannot let any losses, win.

With my right hand up, I can honestly say I have completely fallen off of my workout routine, eating routine, goal reaching mantra, and I can feel every curve of negative frequency/energy in my life. I have been in a true funk. Many people call it the devil being busy and I call it a very aggressive dark cloud that has lingered WAY too long.

So it stops here. You ever have to talk to yourself sometimes and say, “Self! Pull your shit together. Do what you need to do for you. And don’t let anything or anyone destroy your future.” Funny thing is, when I am suffering from a case of insomnia, it’s always in the middle of the night when I decide to get it together. So I am speaking life into me right now and of course, I want you to do the same.

Repeat After Me:


  • I am Amazing
  • I am Capable of anything I put mind to
  • I am confident and fearless
  • I have the power to change and create change
  • I declare a positive and magnetic energy in all areas of my life. Love, Health, Wealth, and Family.
  • I choose Happiness day in and day out.


Say this every day ( or at least as much as you can). I am a true believer of good energy and positive frequencies. And the more you manifest this expression, you will then learn to empower yourself.

It’s all in the mind. Speak life into you so you can come alive and live your best life!

It’s a New Month. New Day. And New Beginning so it’s okay to reset, re-focus, readjust and restart if you need to!

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