That Damn Scale

Dear Richard Salter, the British balance maker during the 1770’s industrial era, we do not appreciate this invention. lol

I hate the scale. healthy.jpg

When I use to run social Workout Challenge groups, my main mantra was to make sure that no participants relied on the scale. I would tell them to put it away, hide it, or give it to someone to resist temptation of weighing in. Why? Well because the focus should always be on your health and the best way to tell if you are losing weight, depends on your clothes and how they make you feel.


Weight is ju82cdb9db01774cf7e1c0f68a53e01bb1-lbs-scale_orig.jpgst a number. And Healthy looks different on everybody.

A lot of people do not take into consideration of height and muscle mass that will affect the number on the scale. And depending on your bone structure and the fact that it is the year of 2018, 110lbs is not a realistic  “average weight.” I overheard someone say the other day that their goal is just to be skinny. And all I can say is why? What’s the purpose of just wanting to be skinny? And I understand the shallow benefits all to well because I use to say those exact words. But I think as you grow older, you realize the importance of just being able to do the smallest task like, go up a flight of stairs without breathing hard or running a good distance without falling out. Fitness and wellness is more than just a number on the scale. And as soon as you realize the scale doesn’t define who you are, you will then start embracing your health journey a lot more. And see results at that!b9af68e0e721fa6cf333e5389124df98.jpg

Your weight will fluctuate and also hit plateaus. But I bet it doesn’t tell you how many inches you lost, the muscle you have gained, and of course how amazing you are as a human being.

So don’t let it take power of your hard work, your mental and emotional state of mind, or your will to make healthy changes in your life.

It’s a journey that takes time. So if you are weighing yourself daily you will not see much change. The average amount of weight to lose weekly is 2-3lbs. So Stop being hard on yourself.  And I know, every now and then, ( because I will not lie to you and say that I never step on one),  you will step on the scale for a pulse check and that is fine! It will give you a number to work harder for, if you prefer that form of motivation. Just don’t obsess and rely on the scale because your progress and health will not always show on it.

Stay committed, dedicated to the grind,  and make sure your worth is not tied down to a number.

You got this!

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