Mid-Year Life Check

It’s June!  Which means, we are half way through the year. Can you believe it?


The year always seems to go by fast because in just a minute, we will be wearing scarves and boots and decorating our Christmas trees. But before all that, it’s time to consider a mid year life check. How’s everything going so far?  Are you proud of your accomplishments thus far? Reached any goals or close to it? Crossed some things off of your to do list?


I like to be completely honest with my readers. I am totally disappointed of the first 6 months of this year. And I don’t know, maybe I’m being hard on myself, as always. But the mid year pulse check for me is quit inadequate. I guess because normally, I would have had traveled to at least 2 destinations by now, perhaps tried something new, ran a 5k, SOMETHING achievable or worth talking about. Overall. I am just not impressed.

I will say I am proud of  accomplishing a passing grade in a class that I was required to take that I thought would be impossible for me to pass.  I will not disregard my hard work and determination to pass that class. But that seems like that is it. Seems mediocre to me, but I a happy about that.


I hate when I have the intentions to do great and amazing things and it just doesn’t go as planned. Life always happens. I had some set backs this year physically & mentally that led to being a financial burden as well,  but I am not to dwell on that. It can’t reversed and those 6 months cannot be given back to me, so I try to turn my set backs into come backs. You know I try to be that optimistic person. However lately, I have failed at this attempt. It’s important to not stay in this rut otherwise you will continue to dig yourself into a pessimistic mess. And that negative energy will continue into repetitive vibration of constant downfalls. I can’t have that.

So. I am a true believer of controlling your life and making things happen that you want to happen. So I hope, and I hope you to, make the remaining of the year eventful, spontaneous, and rewarding. Don’t ask me what my plans are because I have learned, that plans have unpredictable detours, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have an ambitious attitude and plan A goals that include plan B, C, and D for that matter.



So if you went into 2018 shouting that this is your year and nothing seems like it is going how you planned. It’s okay! There is a purpose for every step and set back that happens.

This STILL can be your year. You have 6 months left and a lifetime to go!





2 thoughts on “Mid-Year Life Check

  1. Another very relatable post. I think this happens to many people. I agree the key isn’t to dwell on the past, but focus on the future.


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