What’s ironic about this word is I always try to find the perfect focus image for the blogs that I share. I searched for a good 30 minutes and the images I found, just did not fit what I was looking for. And then I told myself, just keep it Simple.

~ Essence

Disclaimer- I normally do not vent my frustrations because I prefer TheHealthySoulVibe to be about solutions rather than complaints. But I want you to think about a time in your life that you know what could have been a simple solution to a complicated decision. Don’t regret it. We follow a certain path for a reason. But this moment forward, think of how transparent things can be as you self evaluate what you truly want out of life. If you do not enjoy the simple things in life, then you miss out on the beauty of contentment.

Why is it so hard to be completely content with the most plain and natural way of living? Why do we make life hard on ourselves and then stress about the buildup of a chaotic lifestyle that we created? Life can and will be hectic sometimes, we all know this, even due to events that are just out of control, but why do we make the ultimate choices and decisions to be so convoluted and complicated?


We talk about all of the things that we DREAM about of owning that fancy car and living in that big house because it is what we view and are being taught as what it LOOKS like to have a prosperous  successful life. But even the richest people with all the money in the world do not live a simple life and are not always happy.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not here to grind, hustle, or do all this extra shit to say that I have a Mercedes and a mansion. Ya’ll can have it. I am by no means diminishing the people who are about this life. But don’t look at me as being indolent or lazy because I am by far from it. And I get it. I hear about how people want to grind to find ways that they don’t have to work any more. I am here for that mentality. And honestly, I hope we all make it to that point that doesn’t take until we are 65 years old to enjoy the fruits and labor of what we slaved for, for years. We all know it’s a rat race. 6mlOakd7.jpg

I have been working since I was 14 years old. Nothing handed to me. I have worked for everything I have because that’s how I was raised. You get what your work for right?   You want that new cell phone that everyone has instead of having a pager, you worked for it. You want those new Jordans that just came out, you worked for it. And 20 years later, I am still hustling to stay afloat of this middle class lifestyle that the world has so diligently placed me in and everything seems so superficial.  You know why it’s hard though? Because I make it hard. Can’t blame anyone but myself ( yourself) for creating the life of trying to keep up with the masses. And let’s not forget on how what is expected of you, will never seem to be enough. You will always be critiqued by people who will never be impressed by what you do and what you have.

Note to self: Stop working 10 hour shifts in a day, for a job who is only impressed by what you do from 8AM-5PM with a 1 hour lunch. You could have enjoyed 4 hours of the day doing something else productive and that I actually enjoy. #MakeSimpleLifeChoices


It’s only until I am able to  surround myself around people who enjoy the simple necessities that life has to offer that I will realize that life can and will be so simple. Sometimes we need to be humbled and realize that there is a whole world out there that can’t even have the simplest elements like water on a daily basis. But here we are asking for filtered Dasani or Voss.

Put me in a hut on an island with a pen and paper in hand, with the sounds of the ocean as I sale coconut and canal rides to locals and I am most certain I will live until I am 110.

Put me in a country, in a 800 square foot home, as I transport by bicycle as I live majority of my life out of a suitcase to see the world.

I’m tired.

I’m tired, and I don’t even have to be.

But why is it so hard to be simple?

                                                                                  Operation Make Life Simple Loading…………..






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