Mental Break


There comes a time when you have to call a timeout and check on your mental health. You cannot simply function mentally if you are chronically fatigued or burnt out.

I have never experienced a mental break down until last week. Work was too much. School was too much. And the daily life necessities that needed to be taken care of was too damn much.  And all it took was one rude person to be hateful that caused me to have a mental breakdown. I cried until I had to pull it together because I always thought I was strong enough to handle life obstacles and challenges.


This time,  Life-1 , Essence-0. It got the best of me.

I learned that I had to force myself to call a timeout to mentally recharge. I had to apply what I have been preaching to everyone on a daily basis. The fundamentals of self-care, of simply taking care of me and getting rest.

Being in high demand of your time and energy on a consistent basis is costly to your mental health.  The push and pull of your mind physically being overwhelmed with information, advice needed, life decisions , or even just noise can cause havoc on your wellbeing.  It’s what causes unnecessary stress and anxiety.


And I understand, sometimes we don’t have a choice, but we have to prioritize for the sake of not having a mental breakdown.

So make sure to decompress the mental exhaustion and find peace from time to time so your mind can recharge.

I prefer mental vacations, that way you can unplug from work, school, and home. But sometimes just a few days off of work can restore your mental energy.


Find ways to put your mind at ease. Your mind needs to be able to escape the realities that we face on a day to day basis. Allow your mind to slip into a happy place or calming state. I have heard meditation is a great way to focus on the clarity of the present time.


Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try something new or get into something fun and spontaneous. Laughter can be the perfect medicine to ease the soul and mind.

Always pat yourself on the back and praise yourself with affirmations because sometimes a self-boost of motivation and inspiration will keep your spirits lifted and your mind refocused.

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