Bad Habits & Creating Good Habits


Good Habits, Bad Habits_1.jpgI love discussing facts that make people uncomfortable. And it’s not intentional but it does make great conversations. A lot of people hate to discuss their bad habits because well, it’s a behavior that they are either embarrassed about or sometimes even unconsciously unaware of their repetitive yet minor ( or major) transgressions.

Let’s vibe about our bad habits and how we can go about creating good habits, shall we?!


I have bad habits, we all do. From binge eating sweets to swearing to not taking off my makeup before bed to procrastinating on writing blogs weekly ha lol. All bad habits and I’m sure I have a lot more.


Bad habits are repetitive reminders that we have either drawn accustomed to or comfortable with. Some are emotional and some are detrimental to your health. And then there are some that are natural and some are just downright annoying and hard to break. Generally speaking, bad habits can take a minimum of 21 days to break. That is nearly 3 weeks to notice significant changes in your body and attitude. It’s tough. However, it is doable. It will take a lot of consistency and dedication but also just take it one day at a time. So find some positive changes to offset the bad habits:

  • Binge eating: I just spoke about cleanses in my previous blog, so why not start with a clean slate by cleaning up your daily food intake. I am not saying totally rule out sweets or go cold turkey, everybody deserves a little cake now and then, but challenge yourself to a 5 day no sweets challenge. If you can go 5 days I bet you could continue this success by going for 10 days. Just try not to relapse and reward your success by going back to eating poorly.bad-habits.jpg
  • Smokers: I have been told that smokers turn to food. I do not smoke, but I can say that I know people who have quit smoking and believe just simply staying busy keeps them focused on the craving for a cigarette.  I say find an engaging hobby that you love and commit to it. Isolation will only keep your mind on the need to smoke, so keep your mind and your body busy.
  • Drinking: If you have a daily habit of over drinking to the point of having a beer belly it’s time to put the drink down for a minute. Nothing wrong with drinking and having a good time, but be mindful of your health. Flush out your system by challenging yourself to drink more water during the week. Better yet, try no alcohol for 30 days. I bet your skin and liver will thank you!  155432895.jpg
  • Swearing: I have the WORST habit of swearing and honestly I don’t see it as a bad habit, I see it as an emotion or expression! lol ( purely justified). However, I like that some families have a swear jar. Every time you swear, you have to put a $1 or $5 in the jar. Makes you rethink those “expressions” right? ha! lol
  • Overspending: I am all for treating yourself, but you must make sure you are not in a whole every paycheck or debt. Budget. Try saving for 30 days. Try new recipes so that you cook at home without eating out all the time. Try thrifting so that you are purchasing on a budget. Trust me you can do it. I have what is called a “leisure account” aside from my savings and checking account that I put $25-$50 into from every paycheck. That way once a month, I can indulge with that account and not feel guilty about overspending.
  • Negative Thinker:  Affirmations, Affirmations, Affirmations! Yes! Try turning your negative thinking into a 7 ( or more) day morning ritual of nothing but positive affirmations and good vibes.

c4381c8c7789830cec09ade68dcf0e11.jpgI hope I was able provide a few examples of what is meant by substituting bad habits and forming positive ones in your life. We are all human, so relapsing will be a normal act of our existence and perfection is just not realistic. Well not in my world.  If you know me, you know I like to talk about flaws and how to overcome them.

I hope you are able to choose the many bad habits that you may have and try to have some fun with coming up with ways to enhance your quality of lifestyle. People love the word CHALLENGE, so grab an accountability partner or group of friends and challenge yourselves to practice better habits.










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