Dear Generation Z – Go Play Outside


Last weekend a couple of friends of mine and myself talked about our childhood. We talked about going on bike rides at night and playing hide and seek or tether ball outside. I absolutely love that I got the chance to grow up without technology and media of today’s era.

Let’s vibe about getting kids active outside!


I am not a parent, so I cannot say that I don’t understand why parents allow their kids to keep themselves occupied with technology. I get it. It’s accessible and I once heard a mom say, “it keeps the kids quiet.” However, I do wish parents would realize that according to sources, how 1 out of every 3 child is facing obesity and developing illnesses at such a young age due to poor diet and lack of physical activity. I have noticed that there has been an increase of children being labeled and “diagnosed” with ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) and I have a strong belief that it is because they are little balls of energy ready to burst with physical and productive activities. This may not be the sole reason of this diagnostic, but think about it, kids are so isolated and unchallenged these days that we wonder why they are unfocused and distracted. We must allow them to connect with the outside world.


I am not saying that I was always outside because Pacman, Sega, and Mario Brothers use to be my go to video games on a rainy day. However, on a sunny day in Aurora, Colorado, street racing, kickball, 4 Square, hop scotch, double dutch, and a game called Sardines ( ha! look this up) use to be my childhood lifestyle. It use to keep me active and healthy.

I know in today’s world, we see a lot of terrifying news that causes adults to be discouraged and overly protective. So we have come to terms that kids are safer indoors. Keep in mind that horrible news has always been around, it is just more visible to the public eye. I know I am probably reaching because this is the new generation that we live in, and kids are more prone to the hype and popularity of new gadgets, toys, video consoles, and television. But it is important that you try and set aside some playtime outdoors to keep kids active and engaged with other kids. Motivate your kids by being active with them. This will not only allow you to spend time with your kids but to also allow you to begin an active and healthy lifestyle for yourself.



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