Stagnant Journey


Tuesday, I woke up in a blah mood. I get into these blah moods when I am not impressed with myself and where I am in life. It’s an ill feeling to the point that I might even be a little too hard on myself but I am my own worst critic sometimes. And I know for a fact that I have not seen my greatest potential of what I can accomplish in this lifetime.  I’m sure you have felt this way numerous times in your life. You try to put on the face or a smile for the masses so that nobody asks the magical question of,  ” What’s wrong?” All for you to bold face lie to their faces and tell them you are “Fine.” It’s like nobody will understand that ill feeling that comes over you but I’m sure some of you can relate.

First thing is first, I am not looking for sympathy or pity. I’m not even looking for the right words to make me feel better. I am just looking for a way out of this habit of being and feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Can we vibe about being in a big world full of endless possibilities and opportunities but feeling on idle?stuck_in_a_rut_by_charpener-d8q1qki.png


I hate that feeling of being stuck in a rut and don’t have a clue what to do next. And if you have a strong support system like me, you will have the people that love you and know you so well that will forecast all these amazing ideas of what they think you should do. But, for some reason, fear takes over your whole mind and body and then you reject the idea because of being unsure of where or how to start.

Okay, so I know I have blogged about fear before and going after your dreams, finding your life’s purpose, and just making shit happen. And I can relate being deep in thought and questioning your whole entire life like “What am I doing?” Why am I doing this?” “Am I doing the right thing?” “Should I wait for this to get that?”


So what do you do in this moment of feeling motionless or on a road that is flat and confined, or steady without detours? When I say detours, I mean excitement, adventure, or something way out of your comfort zone. What do you do when it seems like you are on a path or a journey that seems to lead to nowhere or maybe it’s just foggy and completely unclear?


That feeling of being on idle or stagnant is a tough reality to swallow.  And unfortunately, only you ( and I) can pull yourself out of this stillness of nothing or a caged jar. I attended a workshop a month ago about owning your narrative and the most important message that stood out to me was the fact that the moment you have to question yourself or situation with a doubtful tone,  then it is time to make some changes. You have to sit down and truly make some serious decisions for yourself. Worst part of being an adult right? Responsibilities and Decisions.

So I have decided to set myself accountable on certain aspirations to pretty much regroup from the year and prepare myself for what’s to come.


And I hope you do the same


It’s a must that I figure out what is keeping me stagnant. What am I doing? Where do I want to go? What’s Next? Is this for me?

#2. Pray 

I am lost in my spiritual connection with my higher power. So I will be doing a 30-day prayer session with just me and my healer. I need to reconnect.

#3.  Set New Goals & Deadlines

Once the decision has been made, write them down, create a vision board ( because I am a visual person)  and work toward each one. One day at a time. I am not too set on deadlines but I do like to challenge myself to meet the goal at a particular time.

#4. New Hobby

I noticed that I am very much into my weekly routine. It’s time to find something new. I have been talking about joining a boxing club for a good while now or even picking up meditation. Hell, maybe I will do both!

#5. Plan & Take Action 

Have you ever heard of that quote ” Make More Moves and Less Announcements?” People always talk about what they are GOING to do. I can be one of those people sometimes. Planning is the most important element to moving forward or executing the ideas.

So these are my 5 goals between now and the end of the year. Only you can pull yourself out of the funk you are in. And it’s going to be hard because it’s not what you are used to but somebody has to do the work and nobody is going to do it for you.  You Got This!


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