Naturals & Organics

I LOVE natural products. From soaps to hair products to lotions/oils and organic foods! How do we know what is actually natural in terms of ingredients that is benefiting our bodies whether than harming them?


So when I say the word ” Natural,” I know you automatically think I mean my natural hair. Which is fine, because I am a naturalists. I like to try different natural oils, soaps, lotions, and conditioners in my hair and on my body for a natural feel and most importantly for more healthy reasons. Sometimes it is hard to find the right product for my hair or even the best soap or lotion for my body  because I have the most driest scalp and skin. I am always looking for the best,  yet natural moisturizer that does not contain too much sodium. Remember my previous blog about skin care? Well,

Let’s vibe about the usage of natural and organic foods and bodily products and what to look for.

I have learned to start paying much attention to  ingredients that do more harm than good when shopping for personal bodily care. Here are a few ingredients to be aware of in moisturizers, soaps, hair products, and cosmetic products.


  • Parabens- a chemical compound mixture including alcohol and acid that causes damage to the hair and scalp. Also known to possibly be linked to breast cancer.
  • Phthalate – A salt or acid that is also a chemical substance that is toxic and very harmful to our bodies. This chemical is used for plastic and household items.
  • Sulfate – Very hard to avoid sulfate because there are different forms of sulfate in many products that we use on a daily basis.This chemical acid is salt mixture along with peroxide that is damaging to your hair especially if you are prone to dry hair or scalp. So even if a products claims it is sulfate free, just keep in mind, that that is not always the case.

Shout out to the Natural Hair Club, this web blog has provided a very detailed list of what to look for in terms of hair products.

Also love the Huffington Post of Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

What is the difference between Organic and Natural? 

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference of which label benefits us more and actually worth the extra coins?

Natural foods will have:organic1.jpg

  • No Artificial flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Preservatives 

It MAY consists, other harmful ingredients such as pesticides and hormones for growth (ie, do you ever wonder why your chicken is SO big when it is store bought?). It’s minimally processed so even though you may be buying something that is listed as “Natural,” does not necessarily mean that the food is unprocessed. Do I think you should quit buying natural foods? Not at all. But definitely watch out for what is deemed or marketed as “Natural.”  To me, and I could be completely wrong about this theory, but it almost seems to be on the line of drinking a “DIET COKE.”


Organic foods will have: 

  • Nothing

lol okay.  Maybe not absolutely nothing  because I know pesticides and fertilizers are not completely removed,  but “organic” consist of  fewer to no risks of having these harmful contents in your food. Know that Organic food is most beneficial because it’s food products  that are grown without antibiotics, hormones,  and generally without any other added additives. Should you buy it? ABSOLUTELY! If you can eat foods that are keeping your digestive system in a properly functioning regularity, do it!

Self Evaluation: I can tell you that I am not perfect. So do not take everything in your kitchen and dump all of your food in the trash. It just helps to be mindful of what you are feeding yourself, your children,  as well as being aware of the daily product uses of lotions, soaps, hair products, and cosmetics. If you are wondering why your hair is not growing or your skin keeps breaking out,  well check the ingredients of the foods and products you are using and be sure you are not having an alternative reaction.





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