Spiritual Healing & Connection

In a previous blog, I wrote about refocusing myself on some goals that I seem to have lost sight of over this year. And one important goal I want to focus on, is reconnecting myself on a spiritual level.


Do you ever feel like you have a missing element to your life? Or something is just not coming around in full circle for you or the feeling of the universe just does not seem to be on your side? Perhaps it is due to your lack of spiritual communication and involvement.

I can relate to this lack of communication.

I am definitely missing my healing by simply not communicating with my most high on a daily basis. I am not talking about Religion because I believe in this new millennium age, a lot of  people are changing their beliefs, finding new ways to connect with their healer, and practicing new ways to develop a relationship spiritually to feed their souls.

In a blog I wrote called Happy Easter, I talked about when I was younger and how I grew up in a church-based home. I use to sing in a church choir, I have attended Bible school and just overall, highly participated in an active role with God in a Baptist and Christian based church. It was what I was taught and I do not take away what my mother taught me, as that is what was taught to her in her upbringing.


Now, I choose to find new ways to connect with God, my spiritual healer, as well as the universe. I do not go to church every Sunday because I feel some type of way toward bias words/messages of the Bible. And I believe the Bible has some truth and fiction to it. It’s a book that I will possibly not ever read in my life even though for some reason I have had the same Bible for nearly 15 years placed under my car seat as if it was protection over my soul. The way I have developed my connection with my most high is different. It has changed. I wake up at 3AM at least 2-3 times a week. And because I do believe that is God’s hour, I will at times, get on my knees and talk to him. I know he is trying to get my attention. Through strange illnesses such as my eyesight being out of order and anxiety attacks from waking up to very important spiritual messages on my tv that talk about stepping out on faith.

A friend of mine, ( shout out to Alicia Durant) came up with a question that I found to be a very important question to ask myself and I want you to ask yourself as well.

If you had one hour with God or perhaps your Spiritual guide, what would you discuss? And what would you possibly ask?

spiritual wellness sun sky.jpg
I would ask;

  • What does my future hold? Marriage? Kids? Career? I feel like I have been placed on the back burner of being able to enjoy life with a family and a rewarding career. So is it promising? Which would follow into my next question,
  • What am I doing right or wrong in my life? How can I fix it? Make it better? Guidance?
  • Why am I afraid of Fear? How can I develop the faith to take on my life fearlessly?
  • Why does bad things happen to good people?
  • This is crazy, but I would ask when will my time be up? People say that don’t want to know when they will die but I bet if you knew when your number is up, you would probably think about living life to the fullest right? I’m just saying.
  • Lastly, I would ask him to not give up on me as I find my path.

I would discuss;

  • Thankful and Gratitude of all blessings, detours of my journey, safety, closed doors, ended relationships and guarding my entire heart, soul, and LIFE.
  • Forgiveness for sins I have endured in my past and negative thoughts of any kind of doubt
  • Healing of my entire soul
  • Ways to continuously find peace, happiness, and confidence in myself and in my life.

I know what ya’ll are saying, Ess you really think you are going to get all that in one hour?! Ha! Absolutely!


Beginning October 1st, I will be having 30 days of Prayer. Either at night or in the mornings. I and my most high will be reconnecting. What is the benefit and purpose? Healing.

Now, I am not someone who prays every day. And we won’t discuss how I do not like to pray with others, out loud, or over things like food, but when someone asks me to pray for them, I do in my own way, in my own time, one on one with me and my God. Call me strange and that is okay.

But this time, the prayer will be 30 days of prayer to refocus on reconnecting myself with my spiritual healer. I need it. And if you feel the same way, feel free to join me!


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