Medicine of Laughter ( LOL)

b28fc7999a507af0cd447f4326611124.jpgLaughter is one of those natural forms of healing. It has the best effects to ease the most miserable situation and even a feeling of satisfying relief to your soul. If you are not laughing at some point,  every day,  in your life,  you are truly missing out on the true element of happiness and joy.

I bet your asking why did I choose this as a wellness and healthy soul topic?

Well let’s vibe about it.

The benefits of laughter and humor is underestimated because a lot of people think that laughing is just a human reaction/emotion to something that is just funny. But just like anger, sadness, and tears of NOT joy, having a negative impact to your health such as stress on the body and even more serious effects such as depression, laughter has the strong effects mentally to reduce stress and improve your mood by relieving emotional pain.


Allow yourself to laugh because you need those happy endorphins to circulate throughout the body to;

  • Protect yourself from heartache
  • Boost your immune health
  • Relax your muscles
  • Create inner positivity
  • Add some pleasurable elation to your well-being






So why aren’t you laughing more?

It’s a must that you try some new things to add some delight and joy to your life.

  • Humor yourself by finding a funny movie, book, or attending a comedy show.
  • Find a funny podcast, youtube channel, or joke app you can subscribe for daily humor.
  •  Hang out with that funny friend(s) more. He or she will keep your mood on the up and up.
  • Nothing wrong with being your silly self from time to time. Life does not always have to be so serious.

Like they say, Laughter is so Contagious!

I have a dry sense of humor so the most random things make my day! LOL!







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