Tis’ The Season Life Check-up (Series) Part I – Health

Wow! It’s officially October!


October marks the official holiday season  and I think it’s time we regroup and check ourselves as we all know, between now and December, it will be a complete blurr!! A good blurr though, because I absolutely LOVE this time of year but it’s preparation for the new year to come. Last year of 2017,  I did a Vibe the Soul series  that discussed tips and the importance of Health, Finances, Love, and Peace of Mind. Feel free to revisit that series ( Intro- Vibe The Soul 4 Part Series- https://thehealthysoulvibe.com/2017/11/30/vibe-the-soul-elements-4-pt-series/ ) for this was one of my favorite blog series that simply allowed me to perform a self reflection and life check. 


I want to revisit some quick tips for each element as we approach the end of a new year within a new holiday season!

Feel free to revisit The Vibe The Soul Series on the HEALTH Element:  


In this series, I briefly discussed Health as being the most important element to your well-being. It’s your lifeline. So it is important that you take care of yourself,  as your wellness should be your #1 priority.

We all know that the holiday season is when we pack on some unwanted pounds because we just can’t seem to stay away from that good holiday food. As you prepare for the season of Christmas Parties, Halloween Candy, and Thanksgiving Turkey, be mindful that you can enjoy all of it. I am not someone who deprives themselves of all this goodness. But I know my health goals and will continue to workout and eat in moderation to keep a healthy balance. For those who are trying to further their fitness goals that includes weight loss, you may want to tighten up on some of this indulgence.


Did you know the average amount of weight gain during the holiday season is nearly 7-10 pounds? And as it begins to get cold outside, less and less people do not like to workout because of weather or because they have no gym membership. Yep, those excuses start to reappear. I know because I’ve been there. 

As we approach the last 3 months of the year, think about some important factors of your wellness to maintain a healthy holiday: 

  • health-questions.jpgHave you received your yearly check up this year? If not, there is still time! Set that appointment to be sure you are on a healthy track.
  • Stay Active & Eat Healthy. Set workout and eating regimens along with healthy goals so that you are focused and ready to tackle the holidays without temptations. 
    •  Think of some ways you can continue or even jump start your healthy lifestyle beginning now. Home workout videos are a great go-to or you can even catch a great holiday deal on a gym membership until the summer approaches for outside activity. 
    • Develop ways you can modify some of those holiday recipes in a healthy way.  Less sugar? Cut the salt? Or maybe even healthy treats for a pot luck?
  • Moderation is key during the holiday season. Try not too binge eat or drink. 
  • Cheer up. Relieve the stress. Have fun. This is the time to be around and enjoy family and friends. Join a Holiday 5K or even try some new healthy recipes. If you fall off your health kick, don’t beat yourself up! Just get back on track.  Do you remember when I blogged about laughter?!healthy-holidays.png

It’s important to aim for a positive plan and outlook not only just during the holiday season but for your overall life.

So start now! 








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