Thankful November


There is something about the month of November that feels my heart with gratitude. Not to say that I a thankful for my life journey every day but I feel like November allows you to take those special moments to truly reflect and give thanks for the heart of each and every second it beats.

Whether the journey or the road you have been on or detouring from I have learned to be grateful for any of the closed doors, hardships, let downs, disappointments, or tough situations that I have faced in my 34 years of living.


And on the greater outlook of it all I am beyond blessed and thankful for the lessons learned and the outcomes of each and every situation I have been placed in. I am stronger. I am better. And I have evolved into the woman that my higher power has set me out to be.

I often go through life on many occasions asking, Why Me? or Why Not Me? I have learned that my patience is my greatest strength within me. I thank the universe for not rushing my blessings, for allowing me to endure the moments so that I feel every abundance of gratitude that over joys and warms my heart and soul. I hope you take the time to stop and appreciate the ultimate gift of life. And that is the air that you breathe each and every day that is not guaranteed. 

Happy November Everyone! 

Be Grateful! Be Thankful! And Be Blessed! 

~The Healthy Soul-Vibe 

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