I’m Not Fine, But I Will Be

Do you watch this TV Show?


If not, I strongly encourage you to tune in. I have never admired and loved a show so much that I had to blog about it.

So what does this show have to do with health and wellness?

This story-line embodies the most realistic life situations of the struggles with mental health along with physical and emotional health that occurs within people’s lives. Stress, anxiety, depression, the struggles of weight loss, alcoholism, drugs, infertility, marriage, relationships, race, from coping with death and so many more personal issues.

I am all caught up and before you click on one of my FAVORITE moments of this past show, I have to do the right thing to my readers and say, SPOILER ALERT.

My two favorite characters on this show are Jack and Beth. But in this clip, shows a moment of Beth and her husband, Randall, having a moment of truth & honesty.

Please watch this 3 minute clip!

All the feels right?! LOVE It!

Can you relate to Beth? I know I did. How many times have you walked around telling people, even family that you are fine when you are really not? Trying to be supportive of other people’s happiness and successes when you are under a dark cloud? Pushing through to make some things happen for yourself, while maintaining a positive mindset, smiling and NOTHING is coming through for you? To not wanting to hear the repetitiveness of inspirational messages. The “everything is going to be alright” speech. Or even anyone’s pity? I get it! As a matter of fact, I am THERE now.

I will say, I have learned that you cannot keep deep rooted and emotional feelings inside because if you do, and like Beth in the show has done before, you will explode. You will lash out, say things you don’t mean, and hurt a lot of people. Communication is HUGE among my family and close friends, and if something is bothering you, you must speak up. If you don’t want to talk about it, the least you should do for your sanity is be truthful to yourself and simply say, no, I am not fine.

What I love about Randall is his kindness, his support and the encouragement of showing Beth that when she is going through something, so is he, but he would have never known she was suffocating had she not spoke up. And Boom. A solution.

Your family, your close friends, your significant other should be on your TEAM.

And without informing your team what is going on, nothing and nobody can help you.


I understand being that person who thinks she can handle it all. Who is suppose to be the strong one. Who cannot break or show weakness. Who shuts down or stays quiet because she doesn’t need the sympathy or pity party. I am the person who tries to pull herself out of my own slump. Who will hit rock bottom before asking for help. It’s the stubbornness in me. It’s the introvert me. It’s the independence in me. As I have grown older I realize this pattern is taking it’s toll on me. I’m tired. I’m tired of doing it all myself. I am tired of working so hard and the future seems so far away. I am tired of feeling empty. I am tired of watching everyone around me get ahead and I am stuck in the same place. Tired of the Routine. Goals are far fetched. Visions are dreams deferred. Corporate America taking advantage of my work ethic. Finances blowing up in my face. It’s the moment of feeling defeated. Feeling almost pathetic. I’m broken. Maybe whining a bit but it’s my time to vent. I listen to everyone else but never share what I have bottled in. I reached out to God and I truly feel like he hit me with the “Who’s This?” lol ha! I’m laughing but I’m so serious! It’s been a mediocre road for me. Yes I am grateful for the life I have. But I am unhappy with the life I am currently living. And I am just trying to find myself. Yes even at 34. Anyways, I am not fine. But I will be. Because at some point I have to become a TEAM-player…..

One thought on “I’m Not Fine, But I Will Be

  1. And it’s ok to just say no im not fine but i’m not ready to talk about it. There’s nothing i hate more than knowing something is not right with someone i love and they continue to deny it. I’m always here for you. Love ya boo

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