breathe_1024x1024.jpgIt’s the holiday season. It’s the end of the school semester. It’s the end of another year in my current career and I am just trying to BREATHE easy.

I am trying to stay afloat, stay calm, stay positive but anxiety is trying to have it’s way with me. I feel overwhelmed and my brain has about 10 windows open that will not close.          (Image created by: Zahira Kelly)  

I hate this feeling. Just trying to make it through the week. Trying to stay encouraged and uplifted and push through. But I must say I am ready for a break. I know I went on a vent session on my last blog and I won’t do that this time. Yesterday,  I stumbled on a quote that stated that sometimes you just have to stop overthinking, have faith, and just breathe. DCSkaXcXkAEZh4G.jpg

I can’t WAIT for the day to wake up and say that it was all worth it. When I can look back and say that the journey was not easy and many days I wanted to quit, but I didn’t. To look back and say it all made sense on why my patience was being tested. I realized I am not the most pleasant person to be around when I am stressed. And I appreciate the people around me that put up with my hot and coldness, keeping me sane, that keep me laughing, and help me to let go and just breathe easy. Sometimes I just need those kind words telling me that everything will be fine. That alone, allows me to exhale.


So if you are going through a trying time right now,  no matter how big or small it is,  know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. A wise person told me that this won’t last forever.  The changes, the detours, the disappointments, the closed doors, the struggles, the overthinking, the stagnant journey, …….Breathe……and let it go. Everything will be fine. Continue to push through and definitely stay encouraged. I found myself running/walking and doing yoga at least once or twice a week.  We must find ways to relieve the frustrations, anger, stress, or anything that has your mind distracted and our bodies in tension.

I pray we will be successful in whatever we do. I pray we will conquer and overcome whatever is standing in our way whether that is fear or noise. Don’t give up, we got this.


Song inspiration by Floacist- Breathe

If You are feeling low
It is best to expose any thoughts of doubt
You gotta air out
Your greeting of the day
With the choices that you make
Decide what you will leave
Decide what you will take
Decision are the key
To release what you don’t need
If you gonna let it be
You have to let it be!
Be mindful not to keep
The residue of anything that had you feelin weak
Like, What was said
Versus what you think
Sometimes your own assumptions
Are the ways that make you sink
Feeling down
It can be an addiction
Getting up
Can be filled with hesitations
It takes determination
To fool proof the distractions
These attractions are the target on your soul
Asking you to stay
When you know you have to go
Know the things you know
Is your path just your own
Lessons will be Lessons
If you listen to that fear
Hear your truth
Keep it near
& then You just…

You gotta let it go
Let it go
So U can Grow!
You gotta let it go
Let it go
Just Breathe

Avoid all this confusion
Refuse the solution
If your destiny is not blessed
But It is your time
No matter who came before you
Don’t let them wear you down
With the pain of their past
Shape your own mind
It’s irrelevant
If relevance is measured by the elements
Without baring a reference
To your own kind
You mind find that
We are living in an era
That can’t be defined
By those
Who thought that this was the end
By those
Who thought that their enemy’s would win
By those
Who let paranoia turn them inside out
Do you know what this life is all about?
Can you remember
Before anyone taught you
To feel as if life is never gonna treat you
Better than the lesser
But that was in the prequel
What about now?
You took kidding,
so let it out


You gotta let it go
Let it go
So U can Grow!
You gotta let it go
Let it go
Just Breathe,

You can do anything that you want to do
Anything that your heart truly chooses
It may be a lonely journey
But it’s yours!
It’s your purpose
You may have to leave something’s behind
You may have to change your mind
You can’t bring everybody with you
But they will be better off
For having known you


You gotta let it go
Let it go
So U can Grow!
You gotta let it go
Let it go
Just Breathe,

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