Mother’s Day Message

Revisiting one of my favorite blogs. Happy Mother’s Day & Thinking of many of you on this day.

I happen to come across this picture today ( Photo Cred: and it really tugged at my heart. I truly didn’t plan to blog today, but I had to blog about this.

I think we carry on with life without the realization of the struggles that others try to push through knowing they are sad or in pain. I am not talking about going through a day not getting flowers and candy and being reminded that yes you are single such as on a day like Valentine’s Day. I am talking about going through the day such as Mother’s Day and being reminded of one or more of the real challenges and struggles that women as well as men, are reminded of today and every day.

To those who have their mothers present, I hope you cherish


not only today but every day that your mother gave birth to…

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