It took me a long time to get myself back to blogging and to be honest, it was not because I did not want to blog, it was because I have been busy! School, work, and more self growth of discovering what exactly I wanted to do with my life, as I was discovering the purpose of my brand.

My Brand. So weird to say. I never thought I would have a brand or be that person that seeks entrepreneurship. Not because I love my job and I don’t, but mainly because I am not someone who chases money or enjoy the “no sleep” grind mentality, but much rather chase a simple yet purposeful life. Not only do I want to help a lot of people along my journey but it is important to me to find peace along my path.

During this, nearly 6 month break of non-blogging, I found how much there is a major need of healing for people in our generation. And I am not talking about a vacation to get away from people or a massage to release muscle tension. I am also not knocking those temporary fixes either. However, those quick fixes are, temporary. I am speaking about people in need of inner personal healing but do not know how to manage or where to start to address these type of emotions. This generation of people have been diagnosed with a lot of anger, anxiety, depression, mental health, stress, and many other deep rooted issues. So what is it that we are suppressing? Why are we putting on a mask every day to fake to the world who we really are? Why are we not addressing personal issues and releasing our true emotions? Why is our generation to good to seek therapy or to prideful to admit to feeling empty?

So what’s my purpose? My purpose is to simply be a platform of helpful and beneficial resources for those who seek self healing in the comfort of their own personal space. To find out what people in our generation need to not just cope but to release in a natural, beneficial, and unharmful way. Medication cannot always be the answer. And the band-aids such as taking a vacation and getting a massage will not always heal the inner turmoil. You truly have to dig deep beyond the surface and discover the cure to dealing with yourself. We have to learn how to be ourselves freely. To seek healing through prayer and our spiritual walk with God. I want people to stop faking and/or acting like the person they truly are not. Ego and pride is the slowest form of poison to your well-being. To say what you mean and mean what you say with kindness and respect. To make time for a healthy lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating. I want us to live the life we yearn for worry and stress free. To show that there are bumps and detours along the way but that doesn’t mean we give up on the things that we love and live for. Self healing does not mean you are always broken. It can very well mean you are not free from what you have chosen consciously or even subconsciously neglected or disregarded. It could mean that you have dismissed something in your past and it has manifested in your present. It could mean you need validation and or approval from the world whether you admit or not. It could mean you neglected what makes you, you. I am here to help you, me, US. I am not perfect. And I am not trying to be. I am just trying to be the best person I was set out to be. I learned that you have to stop looking for someone or something to rescue you. You have to reach down, pull yourself out of the darkness, and save yourself!

So I am EXCITED for great things to come! This life has not been easy and it won’t get any easier, but I am excited about the continuous journey along my way. Thanks to my supporters and readers who have supported me and The Healthy Soul-Vibe! Stay tuned for more blogs to come and other amazing things that my creative brain has discovered!

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