Writing is Therapeutic

Call me different but I happen to think that writing ( or electronic journaling or blogging) is therapeutic. It is my outlet or escape to really express the emotions that suppress in my mind and in my heart. Being a private, introverted person, may seem as though I am standoffish or not approachable, but in all Essence….*wink* , I am completely infused with random thoughts, mixed emotions, creativity, sass, imagination, wit, and probably just an overall eccentric human being. Funny thing is, I am not a writer. I didn’t take classes in artistic poetry, creative writing, or journalism. I just like the idea of being able to express myself without time limits, without face to face peer pressure, without being interrupted when I am trying to get everything out. It’s not that I don’t like communicating face to face. I just think people listen more when they read. Strange thing to say, but it’s true! And those who actually take the time to read your thoughts, actually want to know what’s going on in your mind on a different yet intellectual way.

So what’s the big deal with writing or typing out your emotions? And I don’t really want to get into the difference of handwriting versus typing because to me, it’s all the same. Maybe one is more vintage or the gesture itself allows you to be more creative in your thinking then the other, but hey, to each it’s own. I happen to do both writing and typing out emotions, benefit from both, and love both therapeutic outlets.

Writing ( or typing emotions) is an intimate conversation with yourself as you are able to be the first to witness your thoughts and perspective being expressed on paper. And even after writing/typing, reading what you wrote out loud, to hear it, helps to deliberate if what was written all makes sense, or can even help to sort out any confusion or abnormal thoughts in your thinking. Now and days, a lot of people are getting involved with journaling. It’s a great therapeutic tool that relieves mental buildup as well as exposes some of the most powerful conscious thoughts and feelings.

So try it. For one week, grab a notebook, buy a new journal or perhaps begin an open blog or electronic journal that will allow you to write down your thoughts daily. Don’t hold back on anything that you may be thinking, feeling, dreaming. Allow yourself to come completely exposed and vulnerable with yourself. Because that’s who you are writing to. Yourself. But if you are feeling free and want an open forum then definitely keep it open instead of private, that way you can engage in an open dialogue with others. You will be surprised by the writer in you, the feelings you have suppressed, the relief of freeing your mind, the audience that can relate, and the overall feeling of getting emotions of your chest.

Everyone has their own way of releasing, coping, dealing, and managing, the stress, anger, confusion and all other bottled up emotions. If writing is not your go-to, please feel free to share other therapeutic remedies. Or share some ways on how you release/cope with mental stress?

Such a great read I discovered about free writing and pen poetry! https://psychcentral.com/blog/the-power-of-writing-3-types-of-therapeutic-writing/

2 thoughts on “Writing is Therapeutic

  1. This whole post spoke to me. I love to write also. I didn’t go to school for writing, but I did take a class in college just for validation. I went on to write 2 books…fiction. It’s a passion of mine. And this blogging thing is new for me. I actually enjoy it more than journaling the old fashioned way, with paper and pen.

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    1. Congrats to you on your books! That’s amazing. Yes I learned in college that I am very good at writing essays, so I think my writing stemmed from that. Blogging allows mw to write more freely. I love it as well. I do more journaling on a spiritual level with a paper and pen. Thanks for commenting! Have a great week!

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