The Shift

I feel it. You know the feeling of knowing that something amazing is about to happen. When experiences in your life are all beginning to align and confirm the reasoning of all the ups and downs. Impossible is starting to look possible even through my most discouraged moments and days. Everything you have been confused or complaining about is becoming more logical and clear. People all around you are exposing who they are and why they are or are not in your life. Attitude is completely vulnerable as you are now able to be completely open with those who are not listening but actually hearing you. The negativity is exiting and the positive means of life are entering. Blessings on blessings are coming. Nothing and nobody can tell you that this feeling is only temporary. And even if it is, who cares, let it be. Just enjoy the moment of what will reveal itself. Anticipate what could be life changing.

They say the grass isn’t greener on the other side, well allow me to be the judge of that. Allow me to have green grass for a change, but keep me grounded and humbled so that I do not get knocked on my ass. Allow the shift to be for the greater good to where I can call it my reality. They say when things begin to get uncomfortable or perhaps maybe you feel like giving up, that’s when the shift elevates.

It feels good to know that only God knows what’s in front of me. But I am anxious to make this shift into something new. Into something challenging. Into something overwhelmingly great. I have no idea what is planned, but I do know I am down to my last ounce of patience. In my career, relationships, my education, side grind, mentally, spiritually, physically great things are coming. I believe things are for our greater good and happen for a reason. And that may even be a cliche’ thing to say, but when you begin to start seeing things in a different light, you will know that you are where you are for a purpose. It could be to learn more or teaching you something, to help someone, to prepare yourself for something. Whatever it is, embrace the in between, the back and forth, the maybes, the no’s, and hesitant yes’s. Know that, that final shift will push you into what is always inevitable. It will be uncomfortable. At times you may even cry or get frustrated because it was not what you planned. That patience is tested. Continue to speak life into this shift, that it will push you into something that could even be a new level, new chapter, new season of blessings on blessings. Trust Him.

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