Stretch Marks

The beauty and pain of stretch marks goes beyond deeper than anyone can imagine. Our bodies go through a series of changes by the week, and nobody will understand the struggle of embracing what we see every day in the mirror. Whether if a woman has birthed children or who has gained/lost weight, stretch marks are our reminders of how our bodies have undergone such transformation. Behind those stripes on our bodies, those marks definitely tell a story. Stretch marks have such a natural appeal that even though they appear to be unattractive to many, we have to learn to admire the strength of what our bodies are capable of doing and give credit to our mental state of accepting that our bodies will never be the same.

Is it me, or did stretch marks become “beautiful” after Kendrick Lamar showed his love for women with stretch marks?

It is sad that we long for the validation of men and women to ensure that we are beautiful and accepted in their eyes when we choose to expose ourselves to them. It’s already taxing to our internal mindset to accept the marks but to be compared and judged by perfection really takes a toll on our emotions. If Kendrick Lamar just so happened to place a different perspective any many people’s eyes, well I have no problem with that. Congrats to those who have grown up. Congrats to those who have realized this is natural

Artist: Sevell ( IG@illustration315)

I know I’m all over the place with this, but I brought up stretch marks because I saw this picture/illustration on social media by the artist Sevell, and I couldn’t help but to admire the love that women gave on not just the artistry, but to know the pain behind the nature of this type of beauty. I promise stretch marks are something that nearly every woman can relate to, to the point that it’s like a universal language, that only we understand the depths of its actual meaning and context. It’s like a common struggle that we have that you can add to the pile of relatable terms such as cellulite, saggy breast, and thigh gaps.

We are so tired of the so-called remedies that do not work, well, at least they don’t work for me. So I guess I will speak for myself. From Cocoa Butter to Shea Butter, from Aloe Vera to Apple Cider Vinegar , because we think Apple Cider Vinegar will cure everything right? (lol) , for many years as my weight has fluctuated, I feel like I have tried everything in the book. Now that I am 35, I have learned to accept my BEAUTY marks on my body. This is my body and my stripes show my story of weight gain to weight loss. Why should I be ashamed or embarrassed?

Low-key though…if you have a remedy that works. Please share! lol

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