Why are you so angry? Why do you allow people to take you out of your character? What is triggering your attitude or mood to shift into this explosion of emotional anxiety? What are you holding onto that causes this type of reaction?

Is it your Environment, Stress, or a perhaps a Betrayal?

You must figure out where this anger is stemming from. It’s causing you to lose important relationships, costing you opportunities, and causing you to lose yourself. Energy is important and you don’t want to be that person that is impossible and intolerable to be around. Maybe you are not angry, perhaps you are just hurt. Perhaps someone did something to you that you never really healed from and now, the anger is manifesting in your current life. It’s not only hurting you physically and emotionally, but it’s dominating your home, appearing in family cycles, and completely disrupting your entire life.

Is it Media/News, Social Media?

I have learned that there are roots beneath us that are watered with poisonous negativity, that can be cynical, derogatory, or outright hurtful. Our emotions are manipulated and are exposed to a lot of sadness, depression, or hate, on a daily basis. Some of the reality is unavoidable. You must maintain what you allow into your personal space. Many people in society have a tendency to subconsciously feed their minds visually, as discouraging news is constantly replayed, re-read, repeated, and reminded daily. We have to protect what we water our roots with, otherwise we will manifests or worst yet, replicate the emotions of hate or anger in our younger generation. It is okay to watch the news or media to be informed, just be mindful and conscious of what you are viewing. And minimize the quantity of how much you absorb.

Justified Stereotype?

Black Society always gets chastised and labeled by being the “Angry Black Man or Woman.” You don’t know how some people were raised, where they grew up, the environment they were subjected to living in. So don’t automatically assume that someone has turned into the typical stereotype when you do not know the background of a person’s oppression. We are a dominated race and let’s not forget a force of nature. We come from a chain of having multiple yet painful imagery thrown in our face, multiple ancestral suffrage of dark history and untold/told stories, and our culture being stripped from our ancestors, whom we identify and see ourselves through. Even if the results of Black Society is anger, who are you to point the finger as if showing anger as an emotion isn’t justified?

And so it may be justified, but we must seek professional assistance for emotional help on how to deal with this deep rooted oppression that we are consistently viewing every day.

Photo credit: Ming Au (@theimtiredproject)

So when do you realize you or someone else is angry and possibly need help? There emotional and physical behaviors that will develop or appear.

  • Lashing out or showing aggression toward others
  • Small triggers ( words or pictures) ignite your mood
  • Stress
  • Past/Post Trauma
  • Utilization of suppressants ( alcohol or drugs)

Now is the time to seek help. Discover coping remedies to heal from whatever it is that triggers this emotional behavior. And even if you don’t show any of the the above signs, it does not mean you may not have some anger within you. You may have suppressed your anger so deep, that you are a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

2 thoughts on “Anger

  1. I definitely agree to get help! And I have found it’s not a one time fix. Sometimes you’ll need help again in the future. I’m thankful for caring people in my life who have helped me…and continue to help me with my anger.

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