What is it About Holistic Health?

I remember roaming the internet one day and saw an ad that said, ” sign up for a free Reiki Class! Get certified today. ” Reiki is the practice of self and natural healing by using the formation of energy. The more I read about the practice of self healing using the technique of Reiki, the more I became concerned with my direction and thought process of practicing natural healing. Reiki is not an origin or a practice related to religion, but I found that using energy to practice healing was part fascinating and partially obscuring.

What is it about Holistic Health and the interesting techniques along with herbal nutritional remedies used, that claim to be natural and nurturing methods of self healing? Is it spiritually negative? Is it physically damaging or mentally harmful? Are we aware of the practices and educated about its origins of not stemming from evil or demonic practices? Is it the cure of the future? Why aren’t more people drawn to it if it allows us to avoid a copay or trip to the doctor’s office? ALL QUESTIONS THAT OVERFLOWED MY MIND.

I told someone that I wanted to see if Holistic Health is a path that I want to take for my future. Yes, I sometimes still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. By path, I mean which path within the health and wellness industry. But the reaction I received was surprisingly shocking. The response was, ” please don’t get into none of that crazy, scientific, evil spirited practice!” Wow, right?

So when I received that response I told myself to do some research. Which I should have done in the first place.

During my research I found that holistic health is the study of the approach of life that revolves around your mind, your body, and your spirit. There is not much focus into the treatment of illness and diseases but more so on the preventatives of overall wellness. Seems pretty simple? Well there is a lot more to this. The origins of Natural Healing originated in Ancient Greece by a Greek physician, by the name of Hippocrates. Or as people would call him during the 4th century B.C.,” The Father of Medicine. ” And even though I believe there is only ONE healer in this world, which is God, I do admire the philosophy of Hippocrates and that is the fact that the body has the power to align itself when it is not balanced. He believed that the healing power was within nature and our surroundings.

The word, Holistic also originated in Ancient Greece meaning, the study of something in its entirety, or wholeness.

Believe it or not, everyone has practiced some form of holistic health before in their life! Think of it this way, holistic health are medicine alternatives in the most natural form. Diet, exercise, physical therapy, chiropractor care, and mental therapy are all forms of holistic health!

So even though I still feel skeptical of some Natural Healing practices such as Reiki, I know that I will be mindful to take on methods that I find are more within my nature of treatment. Definitely recommend to be sure you do some research before you decide to take on new ventures or studies!

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