Summer Heat!

If you have not been made aware as of yet, well it is definitely Summer time. And this heat is not playing this summer! In Texas, we are liable to approach temperatures up to 110 degrees! So, I would like to discuss the importance of taking care of yourself to prevent body abnormalities that can lead to a heat stroke.

What is a heat stroke?

Heat stroke is a form of hypothermia  or an abnormally elevated body temperature in which physical symptoms begin to occur.Heat stroke is also sometimes referred to as a sun stroke as high climate temperatures will rapidly increase the body into overdrive leading to exertion and dehydration. This can happen if you lack sweat in extreme heat or humid climates. heat stroke is a true medical emergency that is often fatal if not properly and promptly treated.

I know we laugh and joke when we talk about how hot it is and we use the term ” I almost had a heat stroke!” But it is a serious matter if you begin to experience the following symptoms:

  • nasuea or vomiting 
  • fatigue, drowsy, 
  • weakness
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • high body temperature,
  • rapid heart rate 
  • difficulty breathing
  • disorientation, confusion, or hallucinations 
  • agitation
  • Body Temperature above 103

We have to know the signs and take precautions to prevent a heat stroke by:

  • Drink plenty of fluids & stay hydrated. Water will keep the body cool. Sugary drinks will only make you even more thirsty as it quickly absorbs into the body.
  • Stay cool. Shady areas and air-conditioned locations.
  • Wear proper clothing. ( If you work outside, wearing sunglasses, hats, and lightweight/light colored clothing).
  • Sunscreen. Yes, this goes for my melanin friends as well. We sunburn to, so be sure to lather up if you know you will be outside for a great amount of time. Check recommended SPF for your skin tone (

Take care of others.

Check on them to be sure they are doing well and taking care of themselves.

There have been many instances of infants being locked in cars by accident or pets being outside all day without water,  which have led to a lot of fatalities.

In the meantime, Stay Cool!


One thought on “Summer Heat!

  1. You’re absolutely correct. I made the mistake in working out in the heat and without water, and joked when I stated I was about to have a heat stroke. I’m glad I stepped away from my workout and found water.

    Although this was an extreme case, its nice to have reminders as we go about our daily tasks; staying hydrated is very important.

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