Comfort Zone Vs Growth

I feel so safe. Coasting through a mediocre life. My life is stable and comforting which keeps me balanced and reserved. I don’t take chances because I’m afraid of the outcome or the risk that may result in a negative light. I look at my future and wonder what it could be like but then tap back into my reality and remain in my lane. I play with the potential to be more and do more but I don’t know how people may view me as a person. When I sleep, I dream of the endless possibilities with positive outcomes and promises of the fruits, of what life has to offer me. I wake up. I get dressed. I go to work. I eat. I go to sleep. I am routine and very much set in my ways. And even though others perspective of this lifestyle is boring, I feel as though this is as good as it gets. This is the only thing life has to offer me. No disappointments. No setbacks. This is just the way that I am. I will just daydream of all of the accomplishments I could have. Victimize myself. And “can’t” will be music to my ears. Excuses will be my motto. And my soul will remain unexposed and protected. I’m comfortable.

~Comfort Zone

My soul is on fire. It burns with a fearless attitude and outlook on life. I control my destiny. Fall down seven, stand up eight times. Failures are my life lessons and I learn and grow from them. Nothing is impossible. I wake up ready for what life has to offer. My dreams will become my reality. I’m focused. I take chances no matter of the risk. I network. I surround myself with like minded people and positive energy is my aura. I step out on faith. Life is much more than a routine. Detours are necessary at times. I believe in me. I shape me. I am unstoppable. I don’t care what people think of me. Fearing criticism, is fearing progress. I welcome it. I don’t know what will become of me or what I will discover, but I can’t wait to find myself through experiences along this beautiful journey. I am dedicated and life is limitless. I am ambitious. I’m alive. I am free. Watch me blossom. Watch me Grow.


You have to decide if you are ready to shine or remain secure. Are you ready to evolve or stay within the familiar? Getting uncomfortable will only cultivate you into new experiences and transform your life into something worth it! Step out of your comfort zone! Do something you have never done before. You will fall and you will sometimes fail but there is light, and at some point in time, You.Will.Fly!

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