Complications of Communication and Truth

Why do we make life so complicated? Where is the disconnect of making life much easier for ourselves by being honest with others and ourselves?

I have seen this flow through the internet many times and I can’t help but to agree with the content of how we, as humans make things so complicated in terms of communication. Is it being afraid of rejection or the outcome of the truth? Do we enjoy the little challenges that life brings to test our end results?

I don’t have the answers. Even the question itself seems complicated, but perhaps it’s not.

I think people are just Stubborn, Prideful and Afraid. So we beat around the bush. Drop subtle hints. Make subliminal moves to see where life takes us. Will the end results of taking initiative be our responsibility or just fate? We always say whatever happens, happens right? If life could just flow this easily and people would communicate or take accountability of their feelings we would all live in a time of nothing but truth. But instead, we choose to hide behind the truth. Why don’t we take advantage of our individual power without being judged or being labeled as “bitch,” “thirsty,” “aggressive,” or “over ambitious?” Society has influenced many of us to not live in our truth and be expressive. I have lived and learned to say what I mean and mean what I say. So what’s life without a few no’s and some yes’s in between? Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there. Speak up and speak out! Want a pay increase? Ask for it. Like someone? Ask them out. Hate the way a friend or a coworker is treating you? Tell them.

So ask yourself, why do you make things so complicated? Do you feel you communicate effectively? Do you truly tell people how you really feel or do you sugarcoat the truth to protect someone else’s feelings or reaction? Why bottle up the emotion? Is there really a thin line between being honest and the brutal truth, or are people really that sensitive towards veracity?

Me? I say tell me something straight up, no chaser! I respect the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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