The Physical Soul Vibe

I know it seems like I have neglected the physicality of fitness & wellness, regarding The Healthy Soul-Vibe and if we are being completely honest, I have-ish.

For the past 2 weeks, I took a break from working out. I feel like a 35 year old woman trapped in 80 year old body. My entire body is trying to give up on me! I will spare you the medical details but I figured, I need to rest and relax. And I have. Too bad I am one of those people that when I don’t work out, consistently, or at least 3 days a week, the weight just packs on so smoothly. Then before I know it, I am back up to a weight that I am not too comfortable with. Granted, I am not a person that relies on the scale too much, but when these PANTS start feeling tight and the shirts start fitting snug, I know something is UP.


Of course, I had to cleanse. Cleansing is so bittersweet because as I like my coffee, my rolls with my salads for lunch, and perhaps a cookie every now and then, I have to stop COLD TURKEY and get my mind right. What kind of cleanses do I like to do? Well, I have written a blog called Cleanse so please feel free to check out that blog for some tips. But, one of my favorite cleanses is doing:

  • 2 vegetable and fruit smoothies a day, for 5 days.
  • And a sensible dinner ie; baked chicken or fish, with a side of vegetables, or a healthy salad.

My smoothies are berry smoothies with loads of vegetables such as kale or spinach for breakfast. And at night time, I like a protein smoothie/shake to change it up with bananas, peanut butter, and of course more veggies!

I complete this cleanse to clear the toxins and give my metabolism, immune system, and digestive system a boost.

If anybody knows me, they will know I have been needing to lose 15lbs for about 3 years now! ha! lol. I am being so serious.

So there comes a time when you have to be real with yourself, what you are eating and how actively are you involved with working out and physical fitness. Are you being conscious about what you are eating? I know I have to manage my sugar, carbs, and sodium intake, otherwise my belly fat will expand. We often sit around knowing what we should do to get that blood pressure down or lower our cholesterol, but we don’t. We know what we should do to maintain our health and weight, but we don’t. We don’t, until a crisis happens, the medical report is bad, or the doctor telling to get your life together. And we hope it’s not too late. So stop procrastinating. You know when your body is talking to you. So listen to it. Fuel it. Get active. It’s now or never.

Those who are starting out, feel free to read my blog called, Baby Steps. It is some great tips and helpful information provided to jump start your health & wellness lifestyle!

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