Minimalist- The lifestyle of living with less.

Less Financial Burdens, Less Materialistic Possessions, Overall having a life of living without all the unnecessary extra in your life. I love it.

I am a true believer of the saying, “Less is More” in all areas of life. It allows me to not have to declutter ever so often and I realized, I don’t need the build up of unnecessary THINGS!

As I am very OCD, clutter stresses me out. It makes me feel closed in, overwhelmed, and surrounded by a collection of just too much STUFF! Even in my thinking. I hate that occasionally, I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about EVERYTHING that I need to do, but that is another topic.

So why do people collect things that do not hold much value? Do we really need the buildup or collection of the next best gadget, car, house, clothes, shoes, e.t.c? And what does this have to do with health? Well, more bills , comes with more problems right? And more problems come with financial burdens, stress, anxiety, and depression. So what is wrong with a 1999 PAID off car? What is wrong with having the OLD Flip phones from back in the day? lol What is wrong with riding your bike, public transportation to school or work?

In my Sophia voice, ( because I LOVE the golden girls) PICTURE THIS…..

Living on the coast, island, or mini hut that cost less than $300-$400 a month.

You own maybe 10 outfits and 2-3 pair of shoes.

You ride your bike, go-ped, or perhaps use public transport, or walk for transportation.

For money, you sell fun things on the boardwalk or trinkets, jewelry, art, or food that you cook or handmade because being self employed and selling something you are passionate about makes you happy. Or perhaps you found a local boutique or business that you could make money because by all means, you don’t need a lot of money for living.

You eat all things plant based and natural which is why you hardly get sick and natural and/or holistic remedies is cost efficient. Who needs insurance when the natural healer is right next door and your spiritual healer is up above?

You wake up when you want to, sell when you want to . There is no 8-5, plus weekends, and mandatory overtime.

There is no such thing as the grind or hustle. That “no sleep” attitude of the average American who thinks beyond a minimalist is null and void. Besides, it’s completely unhealthy!

no bill collectors, student loans, or debts.

It’s Stress free, care free, peace, and calm.

I have always believed that this life can be lived. We work ourselves to death to keep up with the Jones’ and we don’t have to. America strives on Americans being poor and in poverty. Is there anything in this world called Middle class anymore? Either you are rich or poor. Living paycheck to paycheck or striving to stay afloat. Is it worth our sanity?

I am not knocking anyone’s mentality to grind for the things they want. For some people, it’s all they know. I just refuse to live in the American reality of more is less. If I grind for anything it will be for peace of mind. I believe in simplicity for my mental and health sake. And as inevitable it is to grow older, I have begun to realize the value of certain things in my life. And that I can survive on less. And know, that what I have is enough.

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