Social Media & Mental Health

Have you ever stopped to think about why you are so addicted to social media? I found myself burnt out. The misconception of what happiness really is, the validation people need to feel complete and enough, the constant pictures of people’s lives, the materialistic exposure, the bragging, the overall concept of social media UNLESS you are using it for business, is leaving people feeling empty and insignificant. I had to download an app called Social Fever for a health class that allowed me to monitor how much time I WASTED on being on social media. I was so embarrassed but not so much, considering I try to utilize social media in a positive business aspect for blogging and advocating wellness, but wow, the time spent was ridiculous.

I hate that I live in a time where we are so glued to our phones and forever embedded into people’s lives. The communication is shot. Realness is dead. And it has just become detrimental to our health emotionally and mentally. People are jealous, bitter, comparing, mentally unstable, and insecurities need to be constantly fed. It is causing people to be depressed, have low self esteem, and developments of anxiety of not being good enough on this earth.

Even though it is viewed that everyone on earth is living their best life, there are some people who are mentally in a negative place. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that are out there who truly are happy and genuinely sharing moments of their lives with close family and friends. But when we bring up the subliminal post to the bullying or suicidal videos that are constantly being re-tweeted or viral, from the every day selfie to the flashy boast of possessions, from the political attacks to the racist threats, we are using this platform far from its purpose. Social media is connection, networking, positive, and fun. But for some, it is ultimately ruining their life.

You cannot keep up with Jones’. So if you cannot follow high profile, famous people without comparison, you need to un-follow or log off.

Facebook can be fun, research suggests, except when it stirs up envy or depression.

Follow people that will benefit you. If you like fitness and nutrition, follow a page that provides recipes and ways to stay fit. Stop following all these meaningless pages that bring you down instead of lifting you up.

Stop checking your social media platforms so much and do something productive with your free time. I promise you haven’t missed anything. When you wake up, the first thing you shouldn’t do, is grab your phone. And when you get ready to go to bed, read a book or why not get that extra 30 minutes of sleep?!! ( confession- I scrolled for 30 minutes one day on my phone, I could have worked out and burned 300 calories in that amount of time!) Limit your scrolling time to 5-10 minutes.

Running a business? Focus on your brand.

Stop comparing your life with others on Social Media.

Unplug every once in a while or better yet indefinitely. If people want to get in touch with you they have your number right?!

I have found myself less on social media and also found myself more productive with my free time. As much as I wish we could go backwards to the days of the unknown and less time proving to the world that our lives are relevant, we cannot. I hate to not know who or what’s authentic anymore. But, these are the times we live in…….

So, what are your thoughts on social media? Do you feel it is useful or becoming redundant and unnecessary?

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