It’s okay to say, “NO”

Stop what you are doing right now and shout the word, NO!!!!”

Do you feel that release? Exactly.

Saying “No!” is like weight lifted off of your shoulders.

There is peace in saying the word, “NO.” The responsibility, the planning, the obligation, whatever you are saying NO to, brings a feeling of ease or escape.

So why do some of you hold guilt after saying it? Why is it so hard to say the word No just as easy as it is to say the word Yes? Don’t get me wrong, some people are convincing. However, some people are manipulative. Some people genuinely need your help, your presence, your energy, but some people will use you and your giving heart. You have to know the difference.

You have to practice the word NO, without feeling some type of way, without guilt, and without explanation. You don’t owe anybody anything. And if you are already overwhelmed, what are you doing taking on more than you can handle?

You are running yourself into the ground!

Self Care is saying, NO. Mental Health is saying, NO. Protecting your peace of mind is saying NO. And guess what? It’s OKAY! If the people who surround you do not understand your decline, if they get upset, victimize you, hold a grudge, then let them go. Nobody should ever dangle guilt over your head. You are not a bad person. And for every yes you give, know that it is perfectly fine to say NO sometimes.

So practice saying it……..

Can I borrow…? NO!

Can you help me with? NOPE!

Can you plan the …? NOPE

Are you going/coming to the ? NAH

So however you need to say it, whenever you need to say it, JUST SAY IT. It’s Okay.

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