Health,Wellness, & The Workplace

I didn’t realize how much my job has impacted my health and wellness, until I received an X-ray report stating that my spine is misaligned. I sit at a desk for 8 hrs of the day. Granted, I try to move around as much as possible, since I work on a college campus. That way I am able to incorporate some movement, exercise, as relief from sitting down for so long becomes necessary.

From poor posture of hunched shoulders, bent knees, looking at a computer all day you would think that not much wear and tear would be the beginning of the decline of my body. I have suffered from joint pain, muscle tension, low back pain, double vision, herniated disc in my neck, headaches, to arthritis in my hands and feet. You would think that I was 80 years old with these health issues. These aches and pains, I cannot place the total blame of my job, but you wouldn’t believe how the smallest adjustments could either hinder or enhance your wellness at your job.

So, do you make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you are maintaining good health and wellness at your workplace?

Next time you go to work, I want you to notate your surroundings and how you feel.

If you partake in hard labor for instance, construction site, warehouse, or perhaps you are a painter, or roofer, are you wearing proper shoes for being on your feet all day? Do you have protection wear for your body in case of any falls, bumps, and bruises? What about being in the sun? Are you wearing sunscreen, long sleeves, drinking enough water/staying hydrated, taking breaks when needed? Are you wearing mask to refrain from harmful chemicals and taking breaks to rest your body from time to time?

Working in an office job, is your back supported in your chair, computer lifted to look up instead of down? Are your stretching or taking breaks to stretch or walk from time to time as your body may be isolated or remaining in a stiff position, such as a cubicle or compacted office space? How often do you look away from your screen to protect your eye sight? If you work in Retail, Food Service, or maybe a hairstylist, are you wearing proper shoes for your feet? Stretching and sitting down to take the discomfort off your feet and relief of your back?

Other things to consider, is how often do you take the stairs? Do you utilize your employee fitness and wellness benefits for discounts at fitness clubs and healthy food options? Speaking of food options, are you eating out/fast food every day or packing your lunch to save some cash and calories? What about the stress of your job? How are managing your work life to keep the tension in your body in check?

As we all spend most of our time and day at our jobs, we must be sure that our needs to manage our health and wellness are being accommodated. It is up to us to ensure that we take care of ourselves by maintaining a better work environment for better health. Find ways to ensure you are making time to stretch, walk, take a break. Check out the local healthy food options in the area. Talk to your manager about back support for your chair or your benefits department for discounted prices at your local gym. Where I work my employer provides an extra 30 minutes on your lunch break to work out at our local recreation center that is not counted against you! I found that to be fantastic! So be sure to check out your work benefits and adjustments to accommodate to better your health environment!

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