Back To The Basics

Back To The Basics. I like that saying. I heard a pastor minister and say these exact words and it resonated with so many people that I know are going through a tough time. Even myself, as I do not boast about my stressors and hardships, I do know what it is like to have to revert back to the basics.

Who knew that you would have to revert back to old habits right? Not bad old habits, but simply back to the basics of who you are after a downfall or perhaps, a step back to who or what you thought you were becoming. I think we get so caught up in the motions of life that when we get knocked down, we mope around as if life is completely over. We sit and ponder how we got to this place? And we sit in a frustrated and confused head space, as if we are untouchable or exempt from hardships.

But who’s to say that being knocked down or this trial you are on, or have already experienced is meant to be …well…..a hardship? Maybe, just maybe, this is life’s way of showing you your destiny or your purpose. And in order to show you, you needed to be placed in a uncomfortable situation. Maybe you needed to be humbled. Not only humbled, but you needed to remember who brought you this far, all to be forgotten in the midst of your highest point. Yes, I am talking about God. Or, maybe you needed to be reminded of how life use to be without the things that you have gotten so wrapped up in. Life was so simple. It can be simple still. And we need that reminder that we don’t need to have it all or even look like we have it all together on this road to our destiny. We want to be at a certain standard, at a certain age so bad, that we forget that it takes 1 step forward with a few step backs to test your strength and faith. It takes detours but dedication. And it can take disappointments and pain.

So Back To The Basics

Back to the drawing board

Back to possibly having to start completely over

Back to reflecting on our journey

Back to rebuilding

Back to refocusing on the things that matter the most

Back to reminding yourself who you are and your capabilities

Back to finding your strength to get back up

Back to seeking God ( praying or getting grounded with your spiritual power)

Back to school/training/researching/reading so you can master the craft of your purpose

Back to saving money

Back to making some sacrifices

Back to revisiting the purpose of your WHY.

Sometimes revisiting your foundation can strengthen your framework, your skills, your craft, your masterpiece, your stability, and even better …….you, as a person. When you start over you learn more, you grow, and you become an inspiration to others. It’s frustrating of course, but if it was easy everyone would be at the top.

Remember this life is a journey not a destination. And at times we are tested and challenged. Remember those challenges don’t always have to be hardships of a career. It can be a hardship of a bad break up, an injury, an illness, a death in your family. However and whenever you need to go back to the basics of life, do it with a promise to yourself that you will not forget where you came from, how you got there, who you are, and the people who support you genuinely.

It is important that we do not allow our ego and pride get in the way in having to revert back to footwork to better ourselves. We are human and we are far from perfect.

It Is Okay To Start Over As Many Times As You Have/Need To.

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