Spiritual Walk

This spiritual walk has not been easy. I enjoy reading the bible, studying scripture, and attending church. And ultimately, I can’t help but to feel like sometimes I am being neglected. I feel like I have knocked several times on the door or called on God multiple times and he is looking through the peep whole or down at his phone and saying, ” who is this?” Have you ever looked around and noticed certain people getting blessed, and your like….Really God? So you just going to skip over me and go straight to the person who does THE most?” lol. I am laughing, but I just want to keep it real.

But I get frustrated, angry, and I question him sometimes. And at times, I sit back and I ask, “Where are you?” and “When is it my turn?” So, I had a deep conversation with a friend of mine and I was telling her how I feel about my, what feels like a one-sided relationship with God. She simply told me that, that is not the case. God is not neglecting or ignoring me. It’s a simple test of my faith. He knows I am not perfect but he also knows how quick I will quit on him especially, when nothing is happening. When challenges come or I feel uncomfortable it is not a punishment. When I feel stagnant or nothing is happening I am not being ignored nor abandoned. It’s consistency and simple test of faith. She’s right.

Ask yourself, do you praise him only when things are going great? Or do you only turn to him when things are going wrong? We cannot “sometimes” God. We have to be all the way in or out. And even if you are mad at him or question him, he still loves you.

He is there. Always. Blessing us, as a lot of us are blessed with the gift of life every day. And reminded that, this is not promised to everyone. And even though that sounds so cliche’, I think we take life for granted. I think we take second chances for granted. But he is there, protecting us from many things that are against us. Even if it is a disappointment or something we THOUGHT we wanted. He is challenging us to see if we are going to continue to trust in him through dark, confusing, unforeseen, seasons of our lives. And he is going to challenge us also through our best moments to see if you forget him in the midst of the best time of your life.

I thank God for not giving up on me, as I have given up on him many times. And even though I feel like I am in a stagnant season in my life, I am sure life is brewing for me. Great things along with tough things are coming. And for as long as I stay true to him, He got me.

God Got Me.

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