Year 2020, It Shall Be Visionary

I don’t know about you but I think this upcoming year and not to mention, a new decade, is VISIONARY. You are going to notice a lot of people finding this new year to be symbolic to having the notion to have clear vision. With that being said, I pray for the closest thing to perfection that will manifest over your life in reference to having nothing but CLARITY & FOCUS!

I hope this upcoming year is personal for you.

Tomorrow is never promised. So I pray that you will be able to seek your purpose through the eyes of God. You cannot make it through the day without his grace or without his mercy. You will not make it without seeking his guidance or pure transparency over your life.


A person with a strong vision of the future. A visionary person has hope for the future. He or she is positive. Thinks about the future in the most creative yet powerful mindset.

It’s only December! But the countdown is on! So start planning now. You do not have to wait until it is Jan 1st. Think about some of the things you see yourself accomplishing in the upcoming year. Perhaps you should begin thinking about the things that matter the most. Make plans. Set goals. And go after them. And when you plan, set your own expectations. Move in private, talk to God first, and stay uplifted so that you may conquer the fear of failure, doubt, worry, and negativity. Today and into a new season/chapter, let go and Let God.

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