What Matters The Most To You?

Have you ever sat and thought about the things that matters the most in your life?

We all have this theory to chase success, to have status, money, power, and to simply be at the top of the class for the fame and fortune. But why does that even matter to you? With so much going on in the world, shootings, natural disasters, racism, kidnapping, and much more, it is so important to start gravitating toward the things that matter. And I don’t mean place yourself in a box and don’t live to the fullest or chase the opportunities that are presented. Continue to dream. Continue to set goals. Continue to make plans. Just be sure you don’t alienate the things in your life that really truly matter.

Maybe your family matters most to you and you want to find ways to draw closer to them and spend time with your loved ones that are getting older.

Maybe your RELIGION matters to you and you want to become more spiritually aligned with your maker.

Maybe LIVING matters to you as you spent most of your time surviving.

Maybe GIVING matters to you as you spent so much time taking.

Or perhaps your health, time, destiny, love, education, are some things that matter the most to you but you neglected those elements in your life.

Whatever it is, make it a priority. As time continues to dwindle down, you don’t want to have any regrets of not MAKING TIME for the things that mattered. So write down a list of things that is important to you that you want to focus on. And think of some ways on how you can act on that list.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations, conversations, and different settings and realize that some things don’t even matter. And we are reminded of the things that do. We are humbled by our surroundings and by people. And we become less temperament of the things that cause us to lose our character. Half the time we stress over things completely out of our control. So next time you find yourself bent out of shape, ask yourself if it really matters to you? And will it matter later? And then ask yourself, what DOES matters right now and at this very moment.

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