Losing weight can seem like one of the hardest task you can accomplish in your life. But it’s more so about discipline and what you are whiling to give up for better health and overall better well-being. It’s a sacrifice. I gained nearly 20lbs from the time that I lost weight. And I cannot blame nobody but myself. I lacked discipline of going to the gym and even though my eating habits are not horrible, they are also not the best. But why do we obsess over POUNDS on a scale?

We think seeing so many pounds is the 1st stage of being overweight or obese. And yes, it is a clear indicator. But, pounds mean so much more than just excess fat. Pounds could be water weight. Pounds are chronic diseases. Even Pounds are the result of having fatigue and stress. You have to take a look at your current surroundings and figure out what is keeping you from taking care of your body. Is it time management and not making time for your health? Are there friends in your circle who like to eat out every day? Check your refrigerator and cabinets, maybe you keep purchasing oreos and donuts and are not keeping healthy food in your kitchen.

We all get to a point of binge or careless eating. We’re human. I know, why is bad food SO good right? But it’s small lifestyle changes that lead to big changes, that lead to LESS POUNDS, and less chances of chronic diseases, less fatigue, and most importantly, less visits to the doctor.

So you will hear the trend to ” ditch the scale, Pounds don’t matter.” And in a sense, I would agree. But pounds can also determine if you are on track. So if you choose not to, there’s no harm in keeping it. And even those who tell you to ditch the scale, honestly probably never ditch there’s. It is important to listen to your body. To feel good in your skin. And to take care of your health. So don’t obsesses over the POUNDS. Focus on the things that are keeping you from better health. But if you do obsess over pounds, remember, losing 1-3 pounds per week is normal. Pounds fluctuate. And sometimes pounds are even muscle. Overall, go easy on yourself and take it one pound and one day at a time!

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