Life & Death

Life and Death. What a reality we have to face day in and out. We look at death dead in the face each and every day of our lives and sometimes we don’t even know it. Some of us will risk it all in the action of putting all faith in God’s hands. I admire those people. And some of us play it safe and move through life with precaution in hopes to not have to face death at all.

But each day is not promised. Not for the Risk-takers, not even for the Vigilant people, not for anyone.

Over the last several days now, I have a had a lot of discussions about God, Life, Death, and life altering changes. All deaths, whether a friend, celebrity, or a family member will make you sit back and realize that this life is only temporary. I know it has been several days since we were hit with the news of Kobe Bryant his daughter, Gianna, and among that plane were several others death, John Altobelli, a baseball coach at Orange Coast College, his wife Keri and their daughter Alyssa; basketball coach Christina Mauser; Sarah Chester and her daughter Payton; and the pilot Ara Zobayan. This was news that truly struck an entire country and perhaps even around the world.

This week has been such an uncomfortable feeling of uneasiness. Think about it. How often do you tell your friends and families how much you love them? How often do you leave the house in hopes that you will be returning home safely to see them again? How often do we travel the world of the unknown not knowing what could or could not happen? How often do you sit and think about whether you have fulfilled your life to the fullest extent? How often do you wonder when will be your last breath? How often do you think about getting your soul saved when your time is up? How often do you take this life for granted?

Death is inevitable. And Death does not discriminate. God doesn’t make mistakes. But if you choose God, your soul will live forever.

I hope many of you be kind to one another. Respect one another. And Love one another. Do everything you can possible, seeking the guidance, protection, love, and comfort of God.

Because in a blink of an eye, it can all be over. Not only for you but for a loved one.

It’s important to stay uplifted. Death can trigger a multitude of emotions that you didn’t even realize was there. Depression, sadness, even anger. I know for me, my heart was very heavy this week. But, we cannot question the reason nor make sense as to why many of us and others will be taken before our time. Or even question how death can occur in such a tragedy, suddenly, or sparingly. We just know that when it happens it stops us in our tracks. Maybe even rethink our steps and how we go about the rest of our lives. And also have important conversations with the ones we love.

This is not to scare you or make you feel saddened. This is to light some fire under you, under me, under US. We think we have time but we don’t. So tell someone you love them today. Hug them tight if need be. Reach out to those and check up on them from time to time. Go after your hearts most desired opportunities. Get saved. Live up to your dreams and God’s promises. Have faith in Him. Live. Because we truly do not think about LIFE until DEATH occurs.

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