The Holy Bible

So I did it. I read the entire Bible in one year.

You know I thought I would have some kind of revelation or spiritual awakening but I didn’t.

I will say that I feel like I read the book of all books. Like I read the clear concept on the key to life. I feel very enlightened. I feel like I know what God expects from us. And I feel like I know why I am here and it has NOTHING to do with me. Well it does, but it’s God’s purpose THROUGH me.

The Bible is a great tool of God’s promises, sacrifices, love, hope, faith, and expectations of his children.

There are some scriptures and chapters that really stood out to me and it all boils down to 5 things that I have learned on my spiritual relationship with God. And this is going to sound so simple but seems to be so hard for many people to accept.

1- God is love.

( 1 John 4:16)

And since we are living in the time of the Holy Spirit, the spirit lives through us. It’s so important to love one another.

2- Have Faith in Him.

( Mark 11:22)

So easy right? But I often ask how can you have faith in someone you cannot see? Well, that is our true test.

3- Stay Away From Evil, False teachings/prophets, and Idols!

( I Peter 2:1, Colossians 3:5)

There is nobody greater than Him. So don’t place nobody or nothing above him, not food, sex, greed, or person.

Be careful of those who teach anything other than God’s true word (The Good News) and anything other than his love.

4- Keep The Sabbath and the Passover.

( Exodus 20:9-10, John 13:1-3)

I happen to think it’s important to rest on the 7th day of the week and spend some quality time with God. Pray, read a scripture, attend a service.


It’s important that we acknowledge God’s sacrifice and what he did for us on the cross.

5- He’s Coming Back

( Mathew 24:44, Revelations 22:12)

Live for him and watch what he does for you in your life. Follow His word and prepare yourself for eternal life. We only get one shot at life so it’s important that you are doing all that you can for others and living for his purpose. Pray, Give, Serve, Hope, Love, Be kind, and watch him conquer every enemy in your life. He loves you and wants you to be GREAT!

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