LOVE!!! I wrote this blog in 2017 as part of my Vibe the Soul Series! I had to bring it back and share my personal views on Love as we are coming to an end of Valentines Weekend! Hope you all were cherished, loved, and fulfilled with happiness whether it was your significant other, friends, or family!

Let’s Vibe about Love. And I want to Vibe with you along the terms of  Relationships. First and foremost, you must know that God is the #1 Lover over you and your life! If you don’t have a relationship with Him, no other relationship will work.


Everyone needs Love. And everyone needs to feel the affection, intimacy, passion, and desire of what Love has to offer. I can’t ask what Love is to anybody because everyone Loves differently. Everyone shows and receives love differently. So there is no true definition to Love. Well there is, but it’s YOUR definition on how you should be loved. What I do know is that Love makes you FEEL something so deep, that it can either be overwhelmingly pleasing to the soul and bring nothing but happiness and excitement. Or, it can truly be a damaging, heart aching, not to mention, depressing and overwhelming feeling of sadness. How can one word be so powerful and can cause 2 opposite emotions? Emotions of joy and pain? I don’t know. So let me reiterate that I am no expert. I can only relate to the feeling of both emotions of this powerful expression.

I chose love as part of this series element because your heart needs that warmth. It truly is soothing to your mind, body, and health.

As for me, when I love, I love hard. That means I am wholeheartedly and 100% entwined with whomever I am involved with. Not clingy, not controlling but highly respectful. Trust is at its high and I never give my significant other a reason to question my loyalty. I am supportive no matter how high or low the dreams and goals are. A person is not made to be broken down but to be built up. Flaws deserve the most unconditional love. They are wounds that cannot be healed or guarded and waiting to unfold. Flaws are something that may be improving and developing in a positive direction. Growing with someone is a bond that continues to improve the relationship. Chivalry should never get old. And telling someone you love them should never dissolve. Hearing those words is just as deep as feeling those words. But genuinely meaning those words, is what matters the most.  That’s what Love is. Yet a lot people find this so hard to do and I’ll tell you why. There are a plethora of beautiful men and women in this world. So when there’s options, there’s opportunity. Love is rushed and then later down the line, love is tested. Relationships get lazy. When someone is not shown how they SHOULD be loved, they look at it as an opportunity to run or give up . You can’t love someone how you THINK they should be loved. You have to learn how that person should be loved.  And you have to teach that person how you want to be loved. You can’t stray when things get tough. That is the problem with people ( cough -*Millennials* cough lol) these days. Don’t play with love and someone’s heart. If you are not ready to love someone unconditionally, flaws and all, then be open and honest. That’s why a lot of people fall into the hardest aftermath of love which is pain. Love is used in vain. And there’s no fight for love anymore. Do you know why? People think loving one person is not easy. And that folks, will be something I will NEVER understand. 


Love will not always come from a significant other at all times and this is for those who may be single. But, to be loved by family and friends is everything. I find that a lot of people who are not whole within their families take that hurt into new relationships. Or they will take a past hurtful relationship into the next. Don’t do that. Give your mind and soul time to heal. You can’t love someone when you don’t even love yourself. And if you haven’t healed from the previous hurt, what are you doing looking for love? That’s a void that causes vulnerability. You are still broken. Damaged even. I didn’t come from a broken home. I grew up with 2 parents in my household for all of the years in my life. I want what my parents have. That unconditional love. I have seen the highs and rock bottom of my parents love for each other  but they have a bond so deep that keeps adding on to their milestone of marriage. And I LOVE IT! It’s a covenant that they have promised, going on 38 years ago, that keeps my hope alive about love. And even if you do come from a broken home, healing should be priority before entering a new relationship and pursuing love. Make sure you are in it for the right reasons and not duplicating a generational curse of your mom and dad’s ( or legal guardian’s) history of what love looks like to them.

I have SO much to say about this element but I don’t want you to read your eyes out! lol so perhaps I will run another series in the near future about love/relationships/ dating.  

But I want to leave everyone with this. When you find love. Keep it. Work for it. Let me say that again, WORK. FOR. IT. Don’t get lazy. Fight for it. Love your mate all over again, every day, and in different ways. Keep it interesting. Keep it surprising. Learn new things about each other.  I don’t know why but I like things out of the ordinary and non cliché’,  that’s what keeps my heart on fire! If you are not laughing and trying new things or building and growing then perhaps you are not meant for each other. And I know the heartache of letting go but sometimes you have to let what you love go if it’s hurting you.  Love is work folks. But when it’s reciprocated, it doesn’t feel like work. You need this element. All sides of it.  The good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. We are human. We have all broken hearts or had our hearts broken. Good Love keeps you on cloud 9 while bad love shows who you are , your strength, and life love lessons. So learn from it and reciprocate it over and over again.

Everyone deserves to be loved. EVERYBODY. And I still believe that there is someone for everybody. So don’t give up on it. 

Love -Self Evaluation:question-love-1-1764738.jpg

What are your views on love?

Do you believe in Love?

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